Things I Love Thursday 25/8/2011

Hooray for Thursday! I love so many things this week that there’s just no time to waste, so let’s jump right in.


First, an outfit photo:

I am wearing:

– Graphic kaftan dress from Seven Angels

– Berry tights from Cotton On

– Black and white comic heels from Betts

– Black beaded drop earrings (handmade by my aunt).

– Black bangle (thrifted)

I was in a 60’s mod mood today, as you can tell from my outfit.  I spent the morning listening to early Beatles albums and dancing around my bedroom.


This week, I love:

– Warmer weather, and knowing that winter is on it’s way out.


– My housemate.  Seriously, this girl is ballsy.  She makes the hard choices and sticks by her guns, but never becomes cynical or jaded.  I adore her.


– Realising that, after 7 and a half years together, there are still things that Ross and I don’t know about eachother.  For example, Ross didn’t know that until very recently, I didn’t realise that Sigfreid and Roy were two separate people.  I thought there was just one tiger-tamer named Zig Freidelroy.  Why yes, I am a borderline simpleton.


– Pink hair!  I gave my pink streak another going-over with the dye last night, and it’s now quite a bit brighter.  I’ve had so many positive comments about it.


– The random guy who caught me before I hit the floor when some angry busybody pushed past me on the bus the other day.  Thanks dude, whoever you are.


– Having lunch with my brother, and then visiting the Mana Bar.  Also, discovering that The Mana Bar has Dr Robotnick’s Mean Bean Machine (one of my favorite video games of all time).



– Blossoms!  Over the weekend my entire backyard seemed to explode in a shower of pink and white petals as all the fruit trees went into blossom.  Spring is certainly around the corner.  All the pollen in the air is making my hayfever go crazy, but it’s so sweet-smelling and pretty that I don’t care.


– Jelly’s bliss-face, where she holds her chin high and squints her eyes tightly closed.


– “Wouldn’t it be just lovely if some kittens were born with pink fur?  You know, so you didn’t have to dye them pink?”


-Roald Dahl.  Yesterday, today and always.


– Creme Brulee with my favorite guy.



-This vintage brooch, which was given to me by my mother’s best friend.  I’ve been wearing it a lot.


– Hearing a mother tell her tantrum-stricken child to “Just shut the F**k up!”


– John Lithgow, because he reminds me of my Dad.  Honestly, my dad is like a cross between John Lithgow and John Cleese.


– Being able to get all my laundry done on the weekend, due to the stellar weather.  I am such a geek.


– Having one of my workmates tell me that she likes working with me because I’m funny.


– Helping my housemate to put together a last-minute costume for Book Week.


– Purple nail polish


– Deep sleeping.


What are you loving this week?

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