Things I Love Thursday 11.8.2011

We’re almost halfway through August already! I can’t believe that. This year has flown by for me, and so many important things have happened over the past eight months. I find that, when you feel overwhelmed by how quickly time is passing, the best way to remedy it is to take stock of the things you’re grateful for in the here and now. For this reason, I have a super-sized TiLT this week.



This Thursday, I love:

– Meeting my housemates mother, and gossiping about cats with her.



– Hokey-pokey flavored gelati



– The woman playing the gleaming piano in the middle of the shopping centre where I work.



– Sliding between clean sheet and having a long sleep.



– Discovering that I can get a snack burger at my favorite burger joint, which costs half the price of a regular burger, but is basically a full-sized burger minus all the fillings I don’t eat.



– Day-dreaming about Ross while doing mundane daily tasks.



– Changing my mind about people.



 This Christopher Walken sketch. It was census night on Tuesday night, and it made me want to watch this skit over and over.



– Reading Oliver Twist. I found a copy of Oliver that my grandparents bought me for my tenth birthday. I thought it was a crappy and boring gift at the time, but always held onto the book, ‘just in case’. Now, I’m really enjoying reading the classic tale of the orphan Oliver Twist. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to read it.



– Workmates who call me ‘Gorgeous’.



– The prospect of seeing one of my favorite friends this weekend.



– When I’m talking on the phone to Ross and he laughs, and in my head I have a vision of him, laughing.



– Television programs that are so bad, they’re good. I randomly flicked over to “Dinner Date” the other night, and was hooked. The premise of the show is that there’s a bachelor or bachelorette, who has to have three dinner dates with three suitors and then they choose one suitor as their mate. The people on this show were bogan-tastic. The bachelor kept wiping his plate with his fingers and saying, “Fan-taaas-tic” in this weird, faux-European accent. He seemed like a total douche, and I can’t figure out why all of the women were so eager to compete for his affections. The best part was the end, when the host closed the show by saying, “And they never saw one another again. Goodnight!’



– The fact that Hollywood is making a film based on the board game Battleship. I want to see it, just so that I can laugh stupidly whenever someone says, “You sunk my battleship”. I hope they make “Hungry, Hungry Hippos- The Movie” next.



– Natalie, of XL as Life, included me in her Around the Web post, in which she lists some of her favorite bloggers. I was so honored to be included in a group of such stylish women, and totally flattered by the lovely things she said about me.



– Circus-themed outfits. I wore this ensemble the other day.


– Russell Brand. He’s dirty and slutty, but I love him.



– Watching my cat curl up blissfully in my fur coat.



– Rose-colored fingernails.



What are you loving this week, sweetie-pea?

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