Things I Love Thursday 4/8/2011

It’s been a long, gloriously sunshiney week this week, which has put me in a brilliant mood. I have plenty of love to share around this fine Thursday.

But first, my Daily Outfit:

I am wearing:

– White satin slip, thrifted from Fripperie

– Pink shawl (a gift from my mother a million years ago.

-Black and gold Novo platform shoes

– Silver butterfly earrings

– Dragonfly hair clap

– Silver rings

– Gold diamante necklace.

– Silver bangles

– Mother of pearl bangle (thrifted)

It is another gorgeous day today, although the sky looks to be threatening rain.  I don’t care though, because I have to go to work this afternoon anyway.  I felt like slinking about the house in a gorgeous slip dress, and this one fit the bill.  I got dressed while listening to Joni Mitchell this morning, and was inspired by this line in Carey:

“Carey get out your cane,

I’ll put on some silver

Oh, you’re a mean old daddy

but I like you fine”.

This week I love:

– Sunny days. Ross and I went shopping over the weekend, and neither one of us took a jacket. This is a big deal, because last week I was wrapped up in gloves, scarves and hats every time I left the house (and sometimes while I was sitting in my own freezing loungeroom). The weather is so lovely and warm, you can almost trick yourself into believing that winter is over. Almost.

– My Marilyn Monroe postcards, which line my bedroom wall. I adore Marilyn, and these postcards are quirky and fun.

– Housemates who bring yo-yo biscuits home for you.

– Waking up early. I get so much done when I get out of bed at a decent hour. It’s wonderful to have done the cleaning and the laundry, and have done heaps of work for the day, only to look at the clock and realise it’s only ten.

– Big, round sunglasses.

– Sweeping maxi skirts

– Having complete strangers fawn over my favourite pair of stripey pants.

– Taking my housemate for dinner at Soda Rock. Soda Rock is one of my favourite restaurants. It’s located in Chapel Street, and is decked out like a 50’s diner. There are miniature jukeboxes on the tables and a Mars Attacks pinball machine in the corner. My housemate has recently given up vegetarianism, and as Soda Rock has the most delicious burgers in the city, it was the perfect place to celebrate. The best part of the evening was when the waitresses performed a choreographed dance to Shake a Tail Feather. The second best part was when I stole several massive slurps of Ross’s blue heaven cookie shake while he was playing the pinball machine.

– Late night phone calls with Ross.

– Going on an underwear-shopping spree and filling my drawers with brand new smalls.

– My friend Adam, who is celebrating his birthday today!

– Watching Jellylorum chase clothes pegs around the house.

– Honey facials.

– This black dress. My mother bought it for me at a clearing sale, and I was convinced that it wouldn’t fit me. I was so wrong. It hugs me in all the right places. It’s a little more plunging than I normally go for, but that’s okay. It’s fully lined and perfect for twirling around in.

What are you loving this week, gorgeous?

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