Daily outfit 3/8/2011

After a slew of grey, wet days, Melbourne has finally been blessed with a sun-drenched Wednesday. I’m pleased as punch for two reasons. Firstly, because I can’t stand the cold, and the sun is thawing me out. Secondly, because Ross bought me a glorious dress on the weekend, that I thought I would have to wait a couple of months to wear. I’ve been given the perfect day to take my new dress for a spin, and I’m very grateful for that.

I am wearing:
– 1970’s floral maxi dress from Smith Street Bazaar
– Green crocheted cardigan (thrifted)
– Brown Zu platforms (thrifted)
– Gold tri-strand necklace (thrifted)
– Owl ring (gift from my parents)
– Silver squiggle ring from Kleins
– Emerald ring (which belonged to my grandmother)
– Amethyst ring.

I adore this dress. I’ve been after a dress in this exact print for years, and this weekend I unearthed one at Smith Street Bazaar. I couldn’t have been happier. Ross was kind enough to buy it for me, because he’s a gorgeous boyfriend.
The other thing I adore about this outfit is that (apart from one of my rings) every single item was either thrifted or a gift from someone precious to me. The silver squiggle ring is the only item that I purchased new, and to be fair, I bought it at least fifteen years ago, so it’s certainly retro.
What do you think of my slinky new dress?

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