Awesome things to do in winter

When the wind starts howling and the rain is pelting from the sky, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that there’s nothing to do. You might believe that the cold weather eradicates all the awesome activities you could be getting up to and wipes your social calendar clean with a swift burst of cold wind. Don’t despair! There are loads of fantastic ways to spend your free time during the cold months. Try some of these activities on for size:



– Make it your mission to find the best hot chocolate in the city. Find a choc-a-holic friend and make weekly dates to test out every café, coffeehouse and chocolate lounge within a five-kilometer radius of your house. Create your own rating system, and record your scores for each hot chocolate in a notebook purchased just for this purpose. Don’t stop until you’ve found a hot, coco-drenched beverage that you both agree is pure heaven in a cup.



– Take a trip to your local library. Find yourself a stack of books, magazines or newspapers and hunker down in a comfy chair for a few hours of literary bliss. Whatever you don’t finish, take home with you.



– Run a steaming bath for yourself. Pour in some luxurious bath oils and bubble bath and lay out a fresh, fluffy towel. Treat yourself to a face mask while you soak in the tub and let your troubles slip away. When you’re done, towel off and then slide into some gorgeously soft pajamas.



– Have a digital detox. Clean out your inbox and email folders. Pare down your blog reader by deleting some of the blogs that you don’t really enjoy, or which have become boring or trite. Cull your facebook and twitter friends lists a little.



– Buy yourself some fabulous rain gear- a clear, bubble-like umbrella, a hot-pink rain slicker and some polka-dot gumboots. Take yourself for a walk in the rain and jump in all the puddles.



– Toast marshmallows by the fire.



– Learn to knit and create your own scarves, hats and jumpers. Make cozy pieces for all your friends.



– Re-watch all of your favorite childhood movies. You’d be surprised how many of the old classics still produce waves of nostalgia or bucketloads of giggles.



– Invite your friends over for a game night. Choose games like trivial pursuit or Cranium which can be played in teams. Provide loads of delicious snacks to keep everyone’s energy levels up. Buy prizes for the winning teams.



– Spend an afternoon planning an amazing trip that you’d like to take. Research your dream destination. Decide on all the attractions you’d like to visit, where you’d like to stay and what you’d like to see. Plan a budget. Then start saving.



– Tear up all of your old magazines and start a scrapbook with images, words and phrases that inspire you.



– Bake cookies and cupcakes. Make a pile of them and then wrap them up in small cellophane packages. Give them to your neighbours, your friends and your family members.



– Spend hours smooching the one you love. Aim to perfect your kissing technique.



– Wrap yourself in a huge blanket and drink your morning coffee on your back porch or balcony.



– Buy the most ridiculously awesome pair of slippers you can find. Slide your tired feet into them at the end of each day and luxuriate in the feeling of their softness on your aching tootsies.



– Go ice skating.



– Start a journal. Buy yourself a notebook and start filling it with thoughts, dreams, rants, ideas, poems, doodles and sketches. Hide it away in a secret place and vow never to show it to anyone.



– Paint your nails the brightest hue you can think of. Electric blue? Shocking pink? Neon green?



– Invite a friend over for a tea party. Serve finger-sandwiches and cookies, and pour tea from a whimsical teapot into mismatched cups. Gossip and giggle over your steaming mugs.



– Spring clean your wardrobe. Pour yourself a glass of wine, crank up the tunes and do a ruthless cull of your threads. Revel in the feeling of perfect organization when you’re done.



– Take a dance lesson. Try something high-energy like Bollywood, salsa or belly-dance to get your heart rate racing and warm your chilly blood.



– Make a huge batch of vegetable soup and slurp it whilst watching re-runs of your favorite television shows.



– Visit an art-gallery with your best friend. Dress in vintage dresses, accessorized with gloves and furs. Make up names for all the paintings and talk in faux accents. Make meaningful comments about brushwork.



– Write a letter to yourself. Seal it up and then open it in ten years time.



– Build something with lego. It’s super-fun and will really stretch your brain-cogs.



– Ask a good friend to loan you their favorite book. Lend them your own favorite tome in return. Get together when you’ve both finished them to compare notes.



– Bake bread and butter pudding. Serve it with a dollop of cream. Eat while curled up on the couch.



– Buy a set of super-soft flannelette sheets for your bed. Stretch them over your mattress and top with some wooly blankets and a heavy comforter for sleeptime bliss.



– Try a variety of tea that you’ve never tasted before.



– Have a skype chat to a friend that lives far away who you haven’t seen in ages.



What do you like to do to pass the cold winter days?

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