Things I Love Thursday 21/7/2011

Grr arg!  It’s been a seriously crummy day today.  I’ve been pulled pillar to post at work and my feet are aching so badly it feels as though they’re eating themselves.  Never mind though, because it’s Thursday, and there’s love and gratitude to spread.


This week, I love:

– Celebrating my cousing Will’s first birthday.  I skyped him last night, and while we were talking, my cat jumped onto my lap.  He squealed with delight when he saw her.  I don’t think he’s ever seen a cat before, so it was a bit of an adventure for him.  I can’t believe he’s a whole year old.  He’s such a precious little guy and I love him to bits.


– Buying $4 wine to use for cooking, taking a swig and realising that it’s not bad at all.


– Putting together crazy outfits to wear on my days off.  Such as these:


I am wearing:

– Pink hair bow (handmade)

– Noodle Scooter tee shirt from Target

– Hot pink jeans from JayJays

– Pink leopard belt from Eccentrix

-Pink glitter sneakers (handmade)

-Lego ring from Nerd Burger

– Bubble ring

– Assorted rubber bangles.

I am wearing:

– Pink silk headscarf (thrifted)

-Purple pucci print top from Chapel Street Bazaar

– Harem pants from Remember Me

– Pink glitter sneakers (handmade)

– Silver claw ring from Sportsgirl

-Mother of pearl bangle (thrifted)

-Blue glass beads that belonged to my grandmother.

– Harry Potter Puppet Pals on Youtube.  If you’re a Snape fan, check this out.  I’ve been watching them all week, and giggling secretly to myself throughout the day when I remember something funny from one of them.

-Talking sci-fi with one of my workmates.

– Housemates who buy you gorgeous presents.

– Munchkin cats and Main Coon cats.

– The Young Ones.

– That moment when you run for the bus as it pulls away from the curb and the kind driver stops to let you in.  Phew!

– Children who point at me and say, “look at that lady’s hair!”

– Getting a new mobile phone, after my 7-year-old phone finally died last night.

What are you loving this week, sweetie-pea?

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