My Winter Essentials

It’s no secret that Winter isn’t really my favorite season. I feel the cold acutely and I can’t stand being shut up inside, shivering away while the world outside my window turns into a muddy frost-pit. I often thank my lucky stars that I live in Australia, where our winters really aren’t too cold. I think if I lived in Scotland, I would have frozen to death by now.

Despite my distaste for the chilliest season, I manage to get through it, year after year, with the help of my tried and trusty winter essentials. Without these things, I would be a cranky, frozen little ball of misery each winter.

Chunky knits

I adore heavy, thick knitted jumpers, scarves and hats. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as bundling yourself up in a chunky jumper and going out to brave the cold. Chunky knits look cute, are superbly warm and are really easy to wear. If you aren’t sure how to wear your knits, check out this post I did a few weeks back.



A hot drink is the perfect way to warm yourself from the inside out. My idea of bliss is curling up in my favorite armchair with a great book and a mug filled with steaming hot tea. My favorite winter varieties are Blue Lady tea, T2 Ruby Red Rosehip, Twinings Earl Grey and ginger tea.

Slow cooker

I got a slow cooker from my grandmother for my birthday last month, and it’s been a total godsend. Not only is it a great timesaver, but slow cooking is a really healthy, efficient way to prepare meals. Slow cooking locks in vitamins and minerals, uses less oil or fat than stovetop cooking and tenderizes tough cuts of meat. I’ve been using this regularly to prepare delicious soups and stews for my dinner. The best bit of all is that you can throw the ingredients in, set the timer and then head out for the day, only to come home to a perfectly cooked meal. What more could you ask for?

Wheat packs

I’m a bit wary of hot water bottles, because I’m always paranoid that they’re going to burst open and scald me. Instead, I use a wheat pack to keep my toes warm while I’m reading in bed. The wheat pack can be thrown into the microwave for a few minutes, and then it comes out toasty warm. It will also stay warm for a lot longer than a hot water bottle, particularly if you keep it close to your skin, because your body warmth will help the wheat to retain it’s heat.

Tiger Balm

I have dreadful circulation in my hands and feet, and I tend to be very susceptible to chill blaines in the colder months. For those of you who haven’t experienced the awfulness of chill blaines, you’re really lucky. Basically, extreme cold, paired with poor circulation can cause the fingers and toes to become stiff and swollen. It’s very painful. To combat chilblains, I rub a little bit of Tiger Balm onto my toes before I put my socks on each morning. The menthol promotes circulation and works to prevent and treat chilblains.

Sheepskin coat

This coat belonged to my mother. She bought it when she was about sixteen, and wore it non-stop. When I was seventeen she passed it onto me. It’s far and away the warmest coat that I have ever worn. It’s really heavy and thick, and it’s length keeps you perfectly toasty even when the wind is roaring. I adore the toggle-style buttons and the deep pockets. I wear this coat all winter, and it’s perfect for keeping out even the nastiest of chills.

Ugg boots

Once upon a time, I despised ugg boots. I promised myself that I would never, ever deign to own a pair. Well, that all changed two years ago when my mother bought a pair for me as a gift. At first I was too horrified to even put them on my feet, but once I did I was hooked. They are so warm and comfortable, and no other pair of slippers has ever been able to compare to these. They encase your entire foot in a cozy cocoon, keeping your tootsies positively toasty. I’ve vowed never to wear them outside though.

Tank Girl Hat

I got this hat from a random stall at a shopping centre. It was originally purchased to wear as part of my Tank Girl costume, but I’ve wound up working it into all manner of outfits. The ear flaps are deliciously warm and the bright colour is ideal for perking yourself up on dreary days. It also earns me a huge number of compliments, which I am very grateful for.


Spanish donuts or churros are quickly becoming my favorite winter snack. They’re crisp, filling and covered in sweet cinnamon. You can eat them on their own or smother them in delicious chocolate fondue. My favorite churros are the caramel churros from El Churro, which some with a decadent salted caramel dipping sauce.

Pretty perfume.

What better way to bring a little dose of summertime to a chilly day than with a squirt of fresh, floral perfume? I choose scents with a hint of citrus, or a floral top note to lift my spirits during the cooler months. My favorite winter perfumes are Marc Jacobs’ Daisy, Clinique’s Happy and Yardley’s April Violets.

Red lipstick

I delve into my vintage clothing collection a great deal during winter. When it’s cold outside it’s always so tempting to swathe myself in feminine dresses, sweet hats and gorgeous vintage gloves. A swipe of red lippy is the perfect way to top off a glorious vintage-inspired ensemble.

What are your winter essentials? Is there anything that you simply couldn’t live without in the cold weather?


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