Lazy day outfits.

The day has seemed to have dragged on longer than the extended director’s cut of The Lord of the Rings. You’re stumbling home from work, fingers fumbling for your keys, feet screaming to be liberated from your too-tight shoes, and an ache in your back so powerful you feel like curling up in the driveway and crying. All you want to do is get inside the seclusion of your house and throw on your comfiest pyjamas.


Perhaps you’re having a day at home, writing, doing housework or just chilling out with a movie. You’ve got your laptop warmed up, a pot of tea brewing and a DVD poised on the television. You reach for your trusty tracksuit to keep you snug and comfy on your lazy day.


Maybe it’s exam time, and you’re spending yet another day swotting at your desk, a teetering pile of notes balanced precariously beside your dried-out biro. You’re wearing the same pair of jeans that you’ve had on for three days, the pair that are starting to feel like they’re grafted to your legs. The top half of your body is cocooned in an old hoodie that is worn at the elbows and fraying at the hem.


While it’s nice to have some go-to, never-fail comfy clothes to throw on quickly, sometimes our cosiest clothes are also our ugliest. Why not break up your everyday routine by investing in some gorgeous loungewear? There are so many sartorial possibilities that will have you looking a million bucks, while still keeping you cozy and comfy.


Instead of your usual tracksuit-and-ugg-boots combo, why not try one of these on for size:

– A flowing kaftan


– A funky, 70’s style jumpsuit


– A cool, loose maxi dress


– Yoga pants and a thick jumper


– Harem pants


– Sweater dresses


– Fisherman pants


– A turban to wrap your hair up.


– A billowy kimono


– A super-sweet playsuit and tube socks


– Free-flowing sarongs and saris worn over light cotton tees


– Slip dresses

What is your fail-safe, comfy outfit? Do you own any loungewear? Do any of the options above tickle your fancy?

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