Things I Love Thursday 7/7/2011

It’s been a jam-packed week, full of things that have left me brimming with gratitude.  Before we get into all the fun of TilT, here’s my outfit for today:

I am wearing:

– Grey cable knit jumper from Target

– Black and white striped jumper from Cotton On

– Wizard of Oz watch (gifted)

– Long silver knot chain (gifted)

– Black pants from Target

– Pinstripe socks

– Black patent Nine West heels

This week, I’m loving:

– The sound when you bite into a crisp apple

– Cuddling with Jelly Cat

– Boyfriends who call you when you’re feeling sad, and instantly you feel happy.

– The city lights at night

– When gorgeous friends have good news

– Finding a bonus Cornetto in my freezer

– Seeing a bunch of kids crowding around the gates at kindergarten, pointing and exclaiming over a bus with a picture of Optimus Prime on the side.

– Harry Potter anticipation

– Caramel hot chocolate

– The moustachioed barista who makes my coffee most days.

– People who use the word “panache’ when describing me.

– Sneaky friends who run off and get married!  Congratulations to Trevor and Suhaila!

– Mandarins

– Hiding in the toilets during my lunch break so that I don’t have to talk to anyone.

– Spending an afternoon writing in front of my heater.

What about you gorgeous?  What do you love this Thursday?

Please leave a comment.

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