A day in the life…

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with reading about the daily routines of the rich and famous. I’m something of a voyeur, and it’s rather titillating to peer into the daily activities of well-known people. I love knowing which writers were unable to work during daylight hours, or whether an actress simply couldn’t learn her lines unless she was submerged in a bathtub. Sometimes, I’ll pick up a fantastic productivity tip or an activity that sounds like great fun for me to try. Reading about the daily routines of others also gets me thinking about my own personal routine.



Playing with kittehs, all in a days’ work.


I don’t think that I have a specific daily routine. While there are certain things that I do every day, I don’t necessarily do them at the same time every day. I get bored easily if I have to stick to a strict routine, so I make a point of not developing one. Although my days are a bit all-over-the-place, there are some things that I do each day (or most days), such as:



Getting dressed

I get dressed up almost every day. The only times I don’t are when I’m really ill or if I’m having a spectacularly lazy day. One of my favorite parts of the day is choosing my outfit, getting dressed, styling my hair and doing my makeup. My outfit sets the tone for the rest of the day, and if I’m not properly dressed, I feel bland and sluggish. The clothes I choose to put on each day are a reflection of my mood and the things that I’m finding inspiring at the moment. I usually have three or four pre-planned outfits set out and ready to go, and I choose the most appropriate one each day. I always have music pumping while I’m getting ready, and I usually choose some tunes that fit the theme of my outfit.



Eating breakfast

I never, ever miss breakfast. I doubt I’ve ever skipped it once in my life. If I don’t eat something within half an hour of waking up, I feel sick and groggy for the rest of the day. I tend to eat a fairly generous breakfast to help me feel full for the rest of the day. A typical breakfast for me usually consists of either wholegrain toast and peanut butter, porridge, breakfast cereal with skim milk or yogurt and muesli. I almost always eat a piece of fruit with breakfast. Each day, my morning meal is accompanied with a pot of tea. At the moment, my favorite breakfast tea is Blue Lady, which is a black tea with orange and lemon zest. It’s citrusy taste helps my brain kick into gear on early mornings.




I write for a couple of hours every day. This includes blog posts, journaling, uni assignments, podcast chapters and other miscellaneous projects. Typically, I like to write my blog posts on my laptop in my comfy chair in the loungeroom, with a pot of tea next to me and some incense burning. Jellylorum, my cat, is usually perched on the armrest of my chair or else balanced awkwardly on my lap. Sometimes, when the weather is sunny, I like to write at the kitchen table because the sunshine pours in through the windows and makes the room feel gorgeously warm. For my journal, I always use pen and paper, and tend to scribble and scrawl while hunched over the page. I have started writing my journal on the bus, which makes my handwriting very messy, but I don’t care.


Talking to Ross

When you live so far away from your beloved, it’s important to make time to chat each day. Barely a day goes by that Ross and I don’t talk to one another. Sometimes we spend hours on the phone and other nights we just have a brief chat about the day. I usually talk to Ross in the evening, when we’re both winding down for the night. Sometimes, he calls me just before I go to bed, so that his voice is the last thing I hear as I drift off to sleep. Lovely.




I’m not much of a gym bunny, but I know that if I don’t do at least a little physical activity each day, my mood is greatly affected. After I’ve exercised I feel energized and happy, so I make a point of doing at least fifteen minutes a day. Most days I do more than this, but I figure even on my busiest days, I can fit in a quarter of an hour. I don’t have a specific exercise routine, but I like to mix it up and do a variety of fun activities. I get bored easily, so I need to switch up the type of exercise I’m doing often. My favorite types of exercise are yoga, hula hooping, dancing, jogging, toning exercises and skipping. I don’t own a car, so I walk pretty much everywhere, which is good exercise as well. It’s also very calming. I tend to prefer workouts that I can do on my own, often in front of the television.



Reading my blogroll

I read so many blogs, that sometimes my blog reader is slightly out of control. I use Bloglovin to follow my favorite blogs and update me when someone posts something new. My blogroll is filled with many different types of blogs, including fashion and beauty blogs, food blogs, lifestyle blogs and art blogs. I prefer blogs to magazines because they give a great real-world perspective on art, fashion and food.



Saying a rosary.

I’m a Catholic, and I say a rosary most days. For those who don’t know, a rosary is a series of prayers that are counted on a special string of rosary beads. I don’t say my rosary every single day, but I try to do it as many days as I can. The time I spend in prayer is the most peaceful part of my day, and it feels like this is the only time when my mind is quiet and still.


Hanging out with my housemate

I live with one of the most fabulous women you will ever meet. She’s hilariously funny, gorgeously sweet and super sensitive. She and I hang out together after work for at least an hour each evening. Most of the time we chat over tea, watch movies and play board games. It’s a great way to unwind at the end of the day.



Answering emails

I check my emails immediately after breakfast each morning. If there’s anything that I can answer quickly, I do it then and there. If I have any emails that will take a bit longer to respond to, I make a note of it on my to-do list for the day. I’ll usually answer long emails later in the afternoon, or while I’m waiting for my dinner to cook.



What activities are part of your daily routine? Do you have a strict routine, or do you prefer to go with the flow a bit?


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