Daily outfit 4/7/2011: Ballerina Style

Ever since I read this post by Lady Smaggle, I’ve been obsessed with dance- and ballet-style outfits.  I always wanted to study ballet as a little girl, but living in a small country town meant that there wasn’t a dance school within coo-ee.  I had to make do with cultivating a love of the effortless, feminine grace that ballerinas seem to embody.  It was this grace and simplicity that I tried to incorporate into a couple of ballet-style outfits this week.


I am wearing:

– Black leotard from Remember Me

– Black mini skirt (thrifted)

– Black Razamatazz opaque tights

– Jolly Roger ballet flats from Shoe Bizarre

– Amethyst ring

– Cream headscarf (thrifted)

– Cream lace bolero from Supre



When I’m putting together a ballerina-inspired outfit, I try to incorporate some typical dancer elements, such as opaque tights and leotards.  Blacks and neutral tones are good, as are simple lines and fabrics.  I tend to keep my jewellery very minimal with these looks.


I am wearing:

– Black, off the shoulder sweater from Cotton On

– Black and red rag skirt from Dotti

– Black opaque tights from Razzamatazz

– Red mary janes from I love Billy

-Amethyst ring

-Red singlet from Cotton On (under sweater).



I’ve been slicking my hair back into a tight bun, which is wonderful in this windy weather we’ve been having.  Not a single strand can escape the web of bobby pins I’ve woven, so I look perfectly polished all day.

My ballerina makeup is very soft and feminine.  I’ve been going for a barely-there, natural look, which means using just a touch of strategically-placed products.


Products I used:

– The Face Shop hydro splash BB cream

– Erase Paste concealer from Benefit

– Revlon translucent facial powder

– Bad Gal Plum mascara

– Soft Aura blush from Avon

– Estee Lauder soft pink eyeshadow

– Australis black khol pencil

– Smashbox O-gloss lipgloss




Whaddaya think?  Will you be trying ballerina chic this winter?

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