June Consumption

Here’s a look at the things I read, watched and used during June.

Books I read.

The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory: I got this book as a Christmas gift from my old housemate, and this month I barely put it down. As you know, I adore the Tudor dynasty, but my knowledge is really limited to Henry VIII and his wives. This book is about Margaret Beaufort, who was Henry VIII’s grandmother. It was a compelling read and quite historically accurate (the same cannot be said for all of Philippa Gregory’s books). I can’t wait to read The White Queen, which is this book’s cousin.



The Devil Wears Prada by Laura Weisberger: I’ve read this book at least five times and I never get sick of it. I needed a book that would psych me up for my new job, and I took comfort in the fact that no matter how bad things got, my job would never suck as much as Andy Sachs’. I always feel incredibly tense when I read this book, as I really identify with Andy’s sense of urgency and frustration. It’s a really fun read.



Guitar, Highway, Rose by Brigid Lowry: This book was my favourite book in high school, and I always come back to it when I’m feeling down. It’s like comfort food for the soul. It’s a rambling, adventure with colourful characters and rich imagery. I adore Lowry’s writing style. She doesn’t write in chapters, but rather splits her book into a series of small, sub-headed paragraphs, some of which advance the story and some which give more insight into the characters, by giving a glimpse into their pockets or their favourite quotes.



Movies I watched.

Secretary: I found this film more than a little disturbing. It’s about a young woman who is released from a mental institution and takes her first ever job as a secretary to a masochistic boss. She gets sucked into his power play and submits to his domination. Very sexy, but slightly unsettling.



The Terminal: I adore this film. Tom Hanks is so funny and sweet and the supporting cast of endearing characters always makes me smile.



The Kings’ Speech: This film totally lived up to all the hype. I adored it, as did all my friends that watched with me. If you haven’t seen it, and you like a good historical drama with an uplifting moral, you should check it out.



Shine: I went on a bit of a Geoffry Rush binge this month. I enjoyed Shine, but I found it very sad. I was in tears on more than one occasion.



After Life: I was drawn to this film because of the stellar cast, which includes Christina Ricci and Liam Neeson. I was thoroughly disappointed though. The film was trite and pompous, and left me with a bad taste in my mouth.



The Breakfast Club: I had never seen this 80’s classic before, and it was the perfect pick-me-up after a long work day. I really enjoyed it, although I think the name is a bit naff ( I would rename it “ Super Detention Best Friends).



Legally Blonde: I watched this with my housemate one day last week when we’d both had a hard day and needed a bit of fluff.



The Rocky Horror Picture Show: One of my all-time favourites. Dark and delicious.



Romeo and Juliet: I hadn’t seen this film since my teen years, and it was just as good as I remembered it.



X Men 2: I can’t get enough of Alan Cummings as Nightcrawler.



Products I used up.

Dove Therapy Conditioner: This left my hair silky and soft. The scent was sweet but not overpowering.



Palmers’ Night Renewal Cream: This lotion was really hydrating for my dry winter skin. I used it every night and woke up with soft skin in the morning.



Chanel No 5 Bath Gel: because sometimes I like to pur this in the bath and pretend that I’m Marilyn Monroe. As you do.



Sanctum Conditioner: I got this from a hotel room in Canberra. It had a gorgeous ginger and lemongrass scent, but didn’t do much to hydrate my locks.



Avon Anew Retroactive Repair Cream: I like to slather a little of this on my face before bed to repair damage done during the day. I don’t use it all the time, only when my skin needs an extra boost.



Dove Supreme Silk Lotion: This body lotion is absolutely gorgeous. It has a soft scent, a smooth texture and a slight shimmer. For skin that’s reminiscent of a goddess.



Dentitex mouthwash: I got this from Aldi and I’m not to thrilled with it. It gets your teeth really clean, but it has an aftertaste that I’m not a fan of.



Benefit Get Even Face Powder: I adore this powder. It has a light texture and quickly nixes shine. It has a slightly green tint to counteract redness, which is brilliant.



Imperial Leather soap: My mother has used this soap since I can remember, and I tend to grab a bar whenever I’m feeling homesick. It’s so comforting.



Avon lipstick in Country Rose: I’ve been using this pinky-red shade to tint my lips for that just-kissed look. It’s lovely on it’s own or with a gloss over the top.

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