Things I Love Thursday 23/6/2011

I’ve had a very full day today. I worked my first day at my new job, and now I feel totally exhausted. I don’t even have an outfit photo for you because I spent the day in uniform. Here’s a quick list of some things I love and am grateful for this week.



This week I love:



– Meeting fantastic new friends.



– Having dinner with two women who have influenced me greatly.



– Delicious garlicky beans.



– Anticip….ation



– Shopping with old friends and getting loads of brilliant bargains.



– Housemates who do the dishes for you.



– The refreshed feeling after you’ve shed every tear your body can produce.



– Meryl Streep



– Vegetable and cheddar soup made in my slow cooker. Yummers.



– Brushing my hair over and over until it crackles with static.



– Early morning air that freezes your lungs.



– Surprise phone calls from my beloved.



– People who say, “there should be a movie about your life”.



– Across the Universe



– Taking off a pair of shoes that are pinching your toes.



– Sweet old men who stop to shake your hand in the street.



– Waking up next to Ross.



– Bubble Pop Electric by Gwen Stefani



– Debating which country has the sexiest accent.



– Mad Men. My brother bought me the first season for my birthday and I’m loving it. Don Draper: I want to go to there.



– Sequins, so many sequins



– Writing in my journal on the bus, so my handwriting is all wobbly.



What’s making you grin this week? What are you grateful for?

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