Beauty tips for a big night out

When it comes to getting ready for a big night out, you need to tweak your regular routine so that you can look extra special. Whether you’re heading out for a night with the girls, a big date or a special dinner with family, you want to make sure that you look your very best. Here are a few tips that I’ve picked up that take minimal effort, but will have a maximum effect on your overall look when you’re getting ready for a special event.



– Make yourself a playlist of upbeat, peppy songs to listen to while you get ready. Dancing along to some fast-paced tunes will get your energy levels soaring and you’ll be raring to go by the time you reach the end of your playlist.



– If you’re planning on wearing your hair up, don’t wash your hair the night before. The natural oils in your hair will make it much easier for you to style your hair, and will also help your hairdo to hold for longer.



– To get glowing skin, apply an energizing mask to your face and leave it on for about five minutes. My personal favorite is the Brazened Honey mask from Lush. This will increase the blood flow to your skin and give you a gorgeous glow. For extra luminescence, give your skin a quick once-over with a soft scrub after you’ve removed the mask. Finish off with a light moisturizer before applying your makeup.



– If you need to look made up in a hurry, wear red lipstick. It’s easy to apply and makes you look instantly polished and put together.



– It’s much better to go out with bare nails than nails covered in chipped polish. If your manicure is looking a little worse for wear, and you don’t have time for a full overhaul, simply remove your old polish and give your nails a quick buff with a buffing block.



– No matter how little time you have to get ready, always make sure that you brush your teeth and roll on a little deodorant. I always feel more confident when I know that my teeth are clean and I’m wearing B.O basher.



– To make sure that your makeup stays on all night, apply a primer before you makeup up your face. If you’re going to be having a really heavy-duty night, set your makeup with a light spritz of hairspray. Don’t do this every day though, as it will clog your pores over time.



– A well-shaped pair of brows will frame your face and make your overall appearance look extra polished and pulled-together. Take the time to tidy up your brows with some tweezers, plucking any stray hairs. Add a swipe of brow gel or even hairspray to hold your brows in place.



– Pep up tired skin with a little highlighter. Use a shimmery, pearlescent cream or powder along the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and your brow bones. Make sure that you blend it well so that it looks as natural as possible for that ‘glowing from within’ look.



– When heading out for a big event, make sure that you wear at least one item of clothing that you absolutely adore. You’ll feel more confident and self-assured if you’re wearing something that you love which you know looks good on you.



– To fake eight hours sleep, use a white or shimmery pink eyeliner pencil to line the little ‘v’ in the corner of each eye. This will make your eyes look wider and intensify the shade of your eyes.



– Before you walk out the door, give yourself a quick once-over in the mirror and put a huge smile on your face.



Do you have any special rituals that you go through when you’re getting ready for a big night? I’d love to hear them!


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