Daily outfit 20/6/2011

Last Friday night, I bundled myself up in a heavy coat and headed out to meet two of my favorite bloggers of all time.  When I heard that Sarah Von Bargen of Yes and Yes and Carly Jacobs (a.k.a Lady Smaggle) of Smaggle Style were hosting a dinner for their readers in Melbourne,  I RSVP’d so quickly my computer didn’t know what had hit it.  It’s always exciting to meet fellow bloggers, and particularly bloggers who have really influenced the way I blog.


I’ve been visiting Smaggle Style for at least three years now.  I initially found Carly’s site after reading a short snippet in Cosmo that mentioned how brilliant she was.  The first time I visited her site, I spent literally the entire afternoon reading every single post that she had ever written.  I then waited eagerly the next day for another post to appear.  Carly writes about all manner of things including fashion, beauty, health and wellbeing.  She has the most fabulous written voice, and I was elated to find out that she writes exactly as she speaks.  Smaggle Style remains one of my favorite blogs, and Carly has certainly inspired me to be more adventurous with the things I write about and the way I live my life.


I found Yes and Yes only a few months after my initial visit to Smaggle Style.  It was actually through Lady Smaggle’s blogroll that I stumbled upon this gorgeous blog.  Sarah is one of the most positive bloggers out there.  She’s also an international woman of adventure.  Her blog chronicles her trips all over the world, her love of trying new things, real-life stories of amazing people that she’s interviewed and cute bits from all over the web.  When I walked into the restaurant, Sarah swooped me up into a hug and told me I was, “so cute”.  She’s just got this gorgeous, vivacious force flowing through her, that’s so evident in her writing.


Needless to say, I spent quite a bit of time dressing (and undressing, and re-dressing) for this event.

This is the outfit that I settled on:


I am wearing:

– Grey and black dress from Target

– Black opaque tights from Razzamatazz

– Black patent leather heels from Nine West

– Grey leopard-print fascinator from Dangerfield

– Black beaded drop earrings (handmade by my aunt)

-Amethyst ring.

It was a fantastic and fun night.  Alongside the two aforementioned bloggers were Claire fromChecks and Spots and a table-full of gorgeous readers.  Everyone was so friendly and we barely stopped chatting for long enough to order dinner and eat the food when it (finally) arrived.

The dinner was held at the North East China Family Restaurant in Flinders Lane.  The food was delicious and rather cheap, although vegetarians should be warned that there aren’t a huge number of vegetarian dishes available.  We each ordered a different dish and then shared them around.  My favorite was this green bean dish that was seasoned with garlic and sesame which was amazing.  I’m not normally a fan of beans, but this dish was rad.  The service at the restaurant was not so great.  It took us nearly an hour to get our order taken, and we had to flag down the waiter several times before we were served.  After we had ordered, it didn’t take too long for the food to come out though, and the staff were all friendly and polite, so that was very good.

I had a wonderful time meeting everybody and scoffing such delicious food.  I want to say a great big thankyou to Sarah and Carly for organizing the whole thing and to all the lovely ladies who braved the cold winter wind to attend.  It really was an amazing night.

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