Things I Love Thursday 16/6/2011

Well, it’s been a pretty great Thursday for me.  Today, there’s no outfit post, because rather than kitting myself out in my usual wacky garb, I suited up in my uniform and headed out to my first day of work at my new job.  I’m thrilled to finally have gotten a job, after months of searching, handing out resumes, tweaking my cover letter, interviews and rejection calls.  It’s a massive relief.


Other things I’m loving this Thursday include:


– The black, fingerless gloves my parents bought me for my birthday.   They’re super soft and really warm and I think they’ll be getting quite a workout over the next few months.


– Pop tarts


– My new slow-cooker.

My nana bought me this slow-cooker for my birthday, and I’ve been trying it out this week.  I got a huge book of recipes with it, and I’m going to be working my way through it over the next few months.  I made a beef and red wine stew for tea the other night and it was pretty fantastic.  The slow-cooker is great for making soups, stews and curries, which tend to be my favorite foods during winter.  The best bit is that cooking with the slow cooker requires very little effort.  You just chop up your vegies and your meat, throw them into the cooker with the sauce and seasoning and Bob’s your mother’s brother.  You can set the timer, so that your meal will cook slowly over the course of the day, so it’s perfect for creating healthy meals to eat at the end of a busy day.

–  Racing to the bus stop and making it onto the bus that you would have missed otherwise because the bus driver’s stopped for a toilet break.

– Excellent op-shop finds.  I used to have a gorgeous pair of PJ pants that I wore to death.  They were so comfy and colourful, and I was heartbroken when I accidentally ripped the arse-end out of them one day.  Ross and I went op-shopping last weekend and I found an identical pair, that I’m sure had never been worn.  They were just $3.  They live with me now.

– Converting skeptical friends to the world of Dr Who.

– Lovely Mormons who came to my house and offered to help me with my gardening.

–  Watching Romeo and Juliet with Sam and exclaiming over Leonardo DiCaprio.

– This picture of Ross:

– Friends who have no qualms about hollowing out a teddy-bear to make into a party hat.

– The prospect of meeting two of my all-time favorite bloggers this weekend.

– Practicing Rocky Horror makeup on myself.  I look terrifying as Riff Raff and disturbing as Frank N Furter.  I am very impressed with my own makeup skills though.

–  My cats’ new obsession with clothes pegs.

– Writing proper, hand-written letters and cards to my friends and family.

What’s making you smile this Thursday?

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