How to wear chunky knits

I am a sucker for a chunky knit when the weather starts to cool down. Those thick, cozy jumpers and accessories are perfect for keeping out the winter chill. However, because they’re so bulky, chunky knits can feel heavy and cumbersome and sometimes have the potential to make you look about four sizes bigger than you actually are. Here are a few tips that I’ve picked up for wearing chunky knits without looking like a heffalump.



The key to wearing your knits successfully is balance. If you’re wearing a heavy knit on the top half of your body, balance it out with a finer, slim-fitting garment on your bottom half. For example, you can wear a heavy, knitted jumper with a pair of dress trousers, a pencil skirt or even a streamlined shoe-skimming skirt. If you pair that heavy jumper with a voluminous skirt or baggy trousers, it’s going to give the impression of bulk all over. If you balance your chunky knits with a streamlined bottom half, you’ll give your body a little bit more shape and the overall look with be much more flattering.







When choosing a chunky knitted jumper, pay attention to the fit. Heavy knits always look best if they fit you well, so it pays to try before you buy. A well-fitting jumper will keep you warm and show off your shape, which is especially great if you’ve got lovely breasts. Large breasts can tend to look shapeless and lumpy under an ill-fitting knit, so choosing one that fits you well will give your bust a bit more shape. If you want to wear a baggy jumper, select one that’s about five sizes too big, and wear something streamlined underneath it. If you pick a jumper that’s only a size too large, it will look bulky on your frame. This is why it’s better to choose something that looks deliberately oversized, rather than just ill-fitting. It’s also a good idea to select a jumper that is nipped in at the waist, which will give you a bit more shape. If you want to create a waistline on a shapeless knit, you can simply use a belt or scarf to highlight your waist.



The neckline of your knit will also make a big difference to your overall appearance. If you’re slender, with no boobs, like myself, you will look really hot in roll-neck or cowl-neck jumpers. Broad-shouldered ladies should look for wide boat-neck jumpers, which will make you look gorgeously elegant. If you are blessed in the bust department, go for a v-neck or scoop-neck jumper, to make the most of your assets. These necklines will show a little décolletage or cleavage (depending on how low you wear them) and give some shape to your bust.



If you are a bit bamboozled by the array of knitted jumpers out there, or if jumpers really aren’t your thing, there is a massive selection of knitted accessories to choose from. Chunky scarves suit everyone, as do large-weave or crocheted gloves or mittens. A heavy, knitted hat is the perfect way to keep your ears warm and cover up wind-beaten hair. I have a great collection of knitted accessories that I love to break out when the weather gets cold, and many of them are pieces that I’ve made myself. If you’re strapped for cash and feeling crafty, making your own knitted accessories is a fun and easy way to keep yourself occupied and save money. Plus, you can rest easy that your hat or scarf is totally unique and made with love.



For maximum warmth, choose garments that are knitted from natural wool. Wool tends to be warmer than synthetic materials, so it’s worth spending a bit more for a pure wool garment. If you don’t like the scratchy feel of wool against your skin, wear your knit with a thermal singlet or spencer underneath. This will put a barrier between the wool and your skin which will reduce the itchiness, and it will also keep you even warmer.



Remember to take proper care of your woollen and knitted garments. Always hand-wash your woollens in a gentle detergent. Knitted garments have a tendency to lose their shape if you leave them hanging on the wash-line so it’s much better to lay them out flat to dry.



Does anyone else have any chunky-knit tips? Do you like to wear knits when the weather turns icy?

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