I am…

I am a flurry of pink sequins, glittery nail polish and smudged eye makeup.

I am nearly a quarter of the way to a hundred years old.

I am twiggy and fuzzy on the outside, and soft and sweet on the inside.

I am happiest when the sun is shining on my skin.

I am the girl who leaves tearstains on your shoulder when you hold her in a hug.

I am the girl who’ll walk all day in heels because she couldn’t bear to wear flats.

I am the best person to have on your side, because I’ll always fight fiercely for someone I love.

I am a wordsmith, a slave to pen and paper, addicted to the clickedy-clack of fingers typing.

I am the kind of girl who talks to her cat, and occasionally makes the cat talk back.

I am short in stature, with a heart that sometimes seems too big for my body.

I am likely to always grin at the lady who brings my coffee and the man who drives the bus.

I am always overusing the words “awesome”, “brilliant’ and “okey-dokey”.

I am the only person wearing red in a room full of grey.

I am addicted to vanilla peanuts, toffee ice-cream and pears.

I am lost without a cup of tea in my hand.

I am not a fan of cold weather, and will whine about the temperature incessantly.

I am always content to sleep in when my favorite gentleman is by my side.

I am the sort of girl who dresses up for birthdays, holidays and Tuesdays.

I am of the belief that wearing the right hat will make you unforgettable.

I am the girl who laughs at fart jokes.

I am dreadful at waiting and saying goodbye.

I am thrilled to be scared, as long as the fear is fun.

I am loved and in love, all at once.

I am lucky to be who I am and to have all that I have.

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