Daily outfit 7/9/2011

Welcome to the second-last day of my twenty-fourth year!  I turn 25 in just two days, and I am super-excited for my birthday.  I have a slew of celebrations planned, including lunch with my brother, a facial and massage, dinner with my housemate,  another dinner with my gorgeous boyfriend, a day with my parents and a massive party with all of my friends later in the month.  It’s going to be an epic birthday and I can’t wait.


Today I went out job-hunting for about the millionth time.  I’m starting to lose my resolve.  I’ve applied for so many jobs and gotten so many rejections that it’s difficult not to feel beaten down.  It’s not so much a case of ‘That which does not kill me makes me stronger”, but rather, “That which does not kill me, makes me want to die”.  I’ve applied for over two hundred jobs, in a variety of fields.  I’m a confident, organized and polite young woman who is good at lots of things, why won’t anyone give me a job?  Who knows?  To keep my spirits up, I put together a bright, cheerful ensemble to wear out today:


I am wearing:

– Teal cardigan from Target

– Butterfly applique singlet from Target

– Beaded circle skirt (thrifted)

– Leona Edminson fishnet tights

– I Love Billy brown mary janes

– Amethyst ring

– Pink batik silk scarf (thrifted)

The weather in Melbourne today is bitter.  We’ve had rain and even hail this afternoon.  My cat can’t stand hail, and she runs laps of the house yowling until it stops.  I think she believes that the house is being attacked by hundreds of tiny ice demons or something similar.

I hope your Tuesday has been brilliant.

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