Product review: Hydro Splash BB Cream from The Face Shop

I have recently discovered a beauty product that I am head-over-heels in love with. It’s become a regular part of my makeup routine and I doubt that this romance will ever sour. This new favourite beauty product is BB cream.



I’ve stepped onto the BB cream wagon fairly late, as many bloggers are already extolling the benefits of this wonder cream. It took me a while to try it out for myself, but now that I have, I am a total convert.



BB cream is a Korean makeup product that is designed to even out skin tone, smooth the skin and give a flawless, dewy appearance. The cream basically works like a tinted moisturizer. Some BB creams claim to improve the overall condition of skin over time, by minimizing pigmentation, reducing the appearance of fine lines and tightening pores. The cream I chose for my debut into the world of BB cream was the Hydro Splash BB Cream from The Face Shop.


As a fair-skinned lass, I have great difficulty finding a foundation or tinted moisturizer that matches my skin tone. So many stores have an over-abundance of yellow-based skin products, which are perfect if you have naturally olive skin or if you love a faux-tan. We pale-faced ladies are often left with the option of going bare-faced or slathering on a product that makes us look like a rogue tangerine. The BB cream, however, is designed for light skin, and I found that it matches my skin tone perfectly. Most BB creams only come in one shade, which blends to a variety of skin tones. I would recommend shopping around until you find one that matches your skin well. The Hydro Splash BB Cream from The Face Shop is an exact match for my skin tone, and evens out my skin tone without making me look like a ghost.



This BB cream gives a good coverage, without looking too heavy or thick. I tried applying the cream with a foundation brush, but I discovered that applying it with my fingers actually gives a better finish. When I used a brush, the cream looked quite streaky and patchy, whereas the warmth of my fingers allowed the cream to spread more easily and evenly. The cream is easy to apply and sinks into my skin quickly. It’s much faster than faffing about with foundation. After a light application of the cream, I notice that the red patches on my nose and cheeks are significantly more even and my skin seems to glow with radiance. The cream isn’t enough to cover blemishes or dark circles though, so I’ve been using a tiny bit of concealer on these areas. So far, I’ve been happy to wear the BB cream all by itself, although the sales assistant did tell me that you can also wear it as a primer under your foundation if you want a bit more coverage. I find that a light application of the cream is enough to give me a glowing, natural looking base.

Me with clean, moisturized skin and no makeup.


My face with a light application of the BB cream (and nothing else).


BB Cream under light, natural makeup.

The cream lasts quite well too. My other makeup goes on smoothly over the top of the cream and lasts all day. I’ve noticed that my face does get a little bit shiny as the day goes on, but a light dusting of translucent powder is enough to mop up the extra oil. My skin stays nicely hydrated throughout the day, and the cream feels lightweight even after hours of wear. It’s the next best thing to walking around sans makeup.



This cream is suitable for sensitive skin. It has no discernable scent, which is great. The cream contains a sunscreen, but I’ve still been using my SPF 30+ underneath, just to be safe.



The cream is also excellent value. The tube I bought cost me $22. Each morning I’ve been using an amount that’s about half the size of a pea, and it’s enough to cover my whole face easily. I estimate that the tube will last me at least 3 months, which is great value for money.



I haven’t really been using the cream long enough to see any long-term benefits. I have noticed that my skin is really hydrated even after I’ve removed my makeup at night. My skin tends to get quite dry and flaky in winter, due to the ripping winds and over-zealous heaters. I think that the BB cream is going to be the answer to my winter skin woes this year.



I would certainly recommend this product. It’s great for ladies who:

– Have pale skin

– Want a natural-looking base

– Want to look gorgeous on a budget

– Are time-poor

– Have dry or combination skin

– Are makeup novices.



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