Things I Love Thursday 19/5/2011

Hooray for Thursday!  This week I’m brimming with things to be grateful for.


First things first, here’s what I’m wearing today:

 I am wearing:

– Cream mohair cowl-neck sweater from Target

– Dark denim jeans from Garfunkle

– Black and white striped heels from Steve Madden

– Amethyst ring

-Dancing Girl brooch (once belonged to my great-grandmother).

This week, I’m loving:

– Getting vigorous massages.  I treated myself to a Chinese massage yesterday and it was heavenly.  The massuese was this tiny Chinese lady who was surprisingly strong for her size.  She beat the knots in my back into submission.  At one point she stopped massaging me, and I was lying there thinking, “We can’t be done yet, there’s still twenty minutes to go”.  I heard her take off her shoes, and then she climbed onto the table and knelt on my back!  She used her knees to work the kinks out of my hips and lower back, and I have to say that it did the trick.  My back feel magnificent today.

– My gorgeous housemate, who bought me a surprise bouquet of carnations this week, just because.

– Coconut rice.

– Plush Beetlejuice figureines.

– Snuggling with Ross on the couch, eating salt and vinegar chips and laughing raucously at 30 Rock.

– Ross’s new beard.

– Looking forward to a movie date with my dad.

– Sweet facebook messages from friends: “I saw Lady Gaga on the telly and it made me think of you because you have amazing hair!”

– Imagination Land

– Kate Winslet.   I watched Holy Smoke a few days ago.  It was a shit movie, but I couldn’t stop gazing at Kate Winslet and marvelling at how gorgeous she is.

– Getting a one-week extension on my assignment.  I am working on my final assignment of the semester, and a few weeks ago we submitted another assignment which will be the draft for my current assignment.  We were supposed to get some feedback on Monday, but the markers hadn’t completed them yet.  So, owing to the fact that we need the drafts back before we can start working on the final project, everyone got an extra week to work on the assignment.  It’s certainly taken the pressure off, I can tell you.  I’m almost finished anyway though.

– Hot-pink manicures

– Bento boxes

– Colouring with fat crayons.

– Talking to my nana on the phone.

– Making birthday plans.

– warm baths with rosemary-scented bubbles.

– Laughing out loud on the bus.

– Girls who wear Dr Martens and lace tights.

– The feeling of utter bliss when I see Ross smile.

What about you gorgeous?  What are you loving this Thursday?

Please leave a comment.

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