Daily outfit 18/5/2011

I’ve been going through my wardrobe lately to find some of the garments that I don’t wear very often.  I want to try and work these tricky items back into a regular rotation in my wardrobe, so that they aren’t just wasting space.  One of these rarely-worn items is my white body con dress.  You might remember the dress from last Halloween, when I dressed as Elle Driver from Kill Bill.  In truth, I’d owned that dress for about eight years before I wore it as part of that costume, but I’ve never really known how to wear it. The dress is short and tight all over, and very low-cut in the front, so when I wear it I feel like a bad Kim Bassinger charicature.  It’s also a very light colour, which makes it difficult to hide underwear underneath it.  It reminds me a little of Carrie Bradshaw’s ‘naked dress’.


Everyone has one body part that they are self-conscious of.  For me, it’s my thighs.  I know that there’s nothing wrong with my thighs, I just feel very exposed when I walk around with my thighs bared.  This is the reason I steer clear of shorts and miniskirts without tights underneath.  This dress is very short and very tight, so it clings to areas that I’d rather keep hidden.


This morning, I decided to give the dress another shot.  I slipped a pair of fishnet tights underneath to cover up some flesh.  Then I added a cute jumper over the top, so that the cleavage of the dress was a little less plunging.  I also added some fun, vintage-inspired hair and red lippie to complete the look.


I am wearing:

– White body con dress (thrifted)

– Fushia jumper (thrifted)

– Nude fishnet tights (Razzamatazz)

-Black patent heels from Nine West

-Pearl pendant (gift from my parents)

– Amethyst ring.

After I was done, I had to admit that I look, well, kind of sexy.  I rather like it.  I think I need to find some more stockings and tights to wear under this dress.  Perhaps some seamed stockings would look cool.  I’m going to keep experimenting with different jackets and jumpers to keep the top half looking slightly more demure.

Have a great day!

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