The Ugg Boot Conundrum

I hate ugg boots.


I’ve disliked them ever since I can remember.  My distaste for them morphed into out and out hatred a few years ago when the burst onto the scene as a hot fashion item.  As hundreds of women were trotting down the street with their uggs proudly teamed with miniskirts and skinny jeans, I was silently grumbling to myself about how unflattering and awful those fuzzy boots are. I vowed I would never own a pair of my own.


However, about a year ago, I was complaining about the cold weather to my mother, and she helpfully went out and bought me a pair of ugg boots.  I dutifully thanked her, while internally wishing that she’d left the god-awful things where she found them.  I wore them a few times when I was visiting my parents and I’d forgotten to bring slippers home.  My parents house has central heating though, so there was really little need for slippers.


A couple of weeks back, I was visiting my family for Easter.  As I was packing to come back to Melbourne, I started grabbing a few bits and pieces that I’d left in my bedroom at home.  One of the things I chucked in my case at the last minute were those ugg boots.  When I returned to Melbourne, I slung them into the bottom of my wardrobe and forgot about them.


That is, I forgot about them until we had a bout of seriously chilly weather here in the city.  On one particularly icy night, my regular scuff-style slippers just weren’t doing their job.  My heels and ankles were exposed and a draught kept creeping over my feet.  In a fit of desperation, I reached for those yucky ugg boots.


After sliding my poor, frostbitten tootsies into them, I realised that they are actually the warmest, most comfortable things to have wrapped around your feet  on a cold night.  My whole foot was toasty warm and not a single waft of chilly air could touch my toes.  It was great.


I’ve been wearing the ugg boots every day since.  I feel rather dirty each time I pull them on, because I’ve been such an avid hater of ugg boots up until now.  I still think they’re hideous, and yet, I now appreciate their utilitarian value.


As a compromise, I’ve made a rule for myself to follow.  I can wear the ugg boots as much as I want inside my house, as they are super-warm, soft and comfortable and will protect my feet from chillblaines and hypothermia.  However, I have made a solemn oath to myself that I will never wear the uggs further than my own letterbox.  I have worn them outside twice- once to put the bins out and another time to collect the mail, but I promise that they’ll venture no further than that.


Are you an ugg boot lover or hater?  Are there any garments that you hate the look of, but just can’t get enough of wearing?

Please leave a comment.

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