Outfits for Kathryn

This afternoon I was clicking through my blog roll when I noticed a post from the lovely Kathryn of Project Me (have you read Kathryn’s blog? If not, click here to check it out). Kathryn has some lovely new wardrobe additions that she’s keen to show off. However, one of these garments is presenting a wee problem for this gorgeous lass. Kathryn’s purchased a lovely black, sheer, button down blouse, and she’s now unsure of what to wear it with. The blouse is quite long, which makes it rather problematic. I thought that I would put my thinking cap on and devise a few outfit suggestions for Kathryn.

Kathryn’s wardrobe contains loads of smart, casual separates which can be mixed and matched. She has an amazing collection of coloured tights, and favors shorts and skirts to pants. I’ve come up with a couple of different ideas for ways that Kathryn could wear her new black sheer blouse.

The first of the outfits I’ve created is simple with a hard edge. I would layer a black tank top or tee shirt underneath the blouse and then button it up. Pull on a pair of shorts in a dark, heavy fabric and add a pair of Kathryn’s signature patterned tights underneath. Let the blouse hang loosely over the shorts. Finish the outfit off with a pair of chunky, clunky boots and some silver jewellery.

 For a more feminine look, you could layer the sheer blouse over a red tank top for a burst of colour. Then, simply tuck the blouse into a sweet skirt in a block colour. Add a bit of personality to the ensemble with brightly coloured stockings and sweet shoes. A pair of quirky cherry earrings finish the look off perfectly.

 You could also wear the blouse belted over a dress. I would choose a dark-hued dress, and leave the blouse unbuttoned. Adding a belt over the top of the blouse pulls the fabric in and gives it some shape, without losing the billowy movement of the garment. Smart, scholarly accessories like this satchel bag give the outfit a preppy feel, while these flat boots are perfect for walking long distances.

 The blouse would also look fantastic when worn unbuttoned over your favorite tee shirt and a fun, flippy skirt. This outfit is quite casual, but the sheer fabric of the blouse lends it a more polished flavour.So, there you have it, four different ways to wear a difficult garment. I hope this has given Kathryn a few ideas about how she can style the newest addition to her wardrobe.

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