What I’ll be wearing in winter.

If you’ve been in Melbourne this week, chances are you will have noticed a distinct chill in the air. It’s been a very cool week in the city, which reminds me that Winter is certainly on it’s way. Winter is probably my least favorite season. Being that I’m the size of a swizzle stick, I feel the cold acutely. I can’t stand feeling cold, and the icy weather makes me want to camp out in bed and hibernate until spring.



Although I’m not a fan of the cold weather, it does give me an opportunity to wear some fun fashions. As the weather cools down, my style tends to become less hippie/ fairy/ rock chick and more punk/ bohemian/ gamine. I tend to dabble a lot more in vintage styles in winter, and wear a lot more layers, which contributes to my rough, punkish look. Here’s a glimpse at some of the items that you can expect to see cropping up in my wardrobe over the next couple of months.


Chunky knits.

I am a big fan of knits, and big, chunky styles look great on my petite frame. I love a big cozy jumper or a long wooly scarf to pull around myself as the temperature drops. I’ve bought lots of lovely new knits from second-hand stores over the last year, and I’m looking forward to having the chance to wear them out. I’ve also been knitting some new scarves and gloves to go with my outfits too.


Crazy hats.

Winter is the perfect time to start experimenting with headwear. Not only will a hat keeps your ears toasty warm, but they are a great way to disguise hair that’s been ravaged by the wind. I have a big collection of hats that range from sedate, sophisticated berets and trilbys, to wild fighter-pilot hats and Peruvian beanies. I’m going to be wearing loads of hats this winter, in a range of colours and styles.



I bought a pair of sweet pink earmuffs last year, and I only wore them once or twice. This year, I’m planning on getting loads more wear out of them. They really do a fabulous job of warming your ears, and they make you look as sweet as a button, especially if you pair them with plaits or pigtails and a cute sweater.



Capes and ponchos have been flooding the catwalks lately, and I am eager to jump on the bandwagon. I have a lovely black crocheted poncho that has seen me through many winters, and is ready to come out again. I also have a brown, pucci-print cape that I got at a market several years ago, but I’ve been hesitant to wear. I’ve mostly been wrapping and pinning it and wearing it as a dress, because I love the print, but I’m intimidated by the volume of the cape. Now, I’m ready to wear it the way it was intended to be worn. I’ve taken it for a few test spins, and I love it, so get ready to see this baby a lot more often.


Floral Garlands.

I hate the way that all the flowers disappear in Winter. When the sun hides itself away, all the pretty blooms of spring and summer fold up and wither. I’m going to be wearing my floral garland or ‘flower crown’ as some people have been calling it to help bring a little prettiness to winter. If you want one of your own, you should check out my etsy store. There’s a couple of hand-made garlands still for sale in there.


Long Necklaces


A long chain, pendant or strand of beads looks luxe and bohemian when draped over a thick jumper. Whether it’s chunky or delicate, a long necklace elongates your figure and is a great way to accessorize your heavy winter wardrobe.

Pencil skirts

I don’t like hiding my shape with layers and layers of clothing. I like to be warm and cozy, without turning myself into the Michelin Man. Pencil skirts are the perfect solution to this problem, as you can easily layer warm tights and boots with them, and wear your knitted garments over the top, and they still preserve the sexy shape of your legs and behind. I wear mine with vintage-style blouses and seamed stockings.


Fun legwear.

Winter isn’t the time to be running around bare-legged. I have a wardrobe filled with awesome legwear for when the temperature starts to drop. I’m going to be wearing plenty of coloured and textured tights, sexy stockings and chunky socks. This year, I’m going to experiment more with socks as an accessory, featuring my socks more prominently with my outfits. I’ve never really latched onto the ‘socks with heels’ trend before, but now I’m keen to take it for a spin.



Why is it that when winter hits, everyone seems to reach for clothing in shades of black, grey and brown? I’d much rather brighten up a grey day with a bright red dress or some funky green shoes. This winter, I’m going to be splashing around in colours so vibrant, people on the street will need to wear sunglasses when they see me coming. I want to be a bright burst on a grey street, the pop of colour that makes passers-by smile. I encourage you to do the same, to boost your mood and the spirits of those around you.


Black and white stripes.

In winter, my clothing tends to take on a distinctly gothic feel at times. You might have noticed that nearly all of my outfits this week have featured black and white stripes. Stripes are one of my favorite patterns because they work with so many different styles. They can be rough and punky or sweet and feminine. You can make them sophisticated or nautical. The possibilities are endless with stripes. You can expect to see some very stripey outfits from me over the coming months.


What are you planning on wearing this winter? Are there any items that you look forward to unleashing each time winter rolls around?


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