Non-cheesy Mother’s Day gifts.

For my readers in Australia, this Sunday is Mother’s Day. With any luck, you’ll be very well organized and will already have the perfect gift for your mum. However, if you’re slightly naughty or you have a lot on your plate, you might still be searching for something (or you might be grateful that I’ve reminded you, as you’d totally forgotten). Never fear, I’ve come up with some sweet, non-tacky ideas that can easily be executed at the last minute. These suggestions are sure to catapult you into your mum’s good books, guaranteed.


– Make your mum some sweet treats. You might like to try something simple, like cookies or cupcakes, or something a bit more adventurous, like decadent chocolate truffles. Wrap them in a big box with a glittery bow on top. Better yet, serve them up as part of a delectable afternoon tea, with a pot of flavored tea and pretty cups.


– Write your mum a letter, thanking her for all the lessons she’s taught you during your life. Recount special memories and tell her all the reasons why you love her. Write it down on some gorgeous note paper and send it via snail mail. Much more personal than an email.


– Buy a voucher for a professional photo session for the two of you. On the day, you can both sip champagne while you have your hair and makeup done, and then create some gorgeous pictures which your mother can then keep forever.


– Every mum deserves a set of luxurious pajamas. Choose a set in slippery satin or cozy cotton, that are a comfortably loose fit. If you’re feeling really generous, buy a robe or a pair of soft slippers to match. Crabtree and Evelyn and Peter Alexander both have a wonderful range of P.Js


– Invent a cocktail and name it after your mother. Write the recipe down on an index card, and use a ribbon to tie it to the stem of a beautiful martini glass. Then, buy your ma the fixings for this concoction and seal them up in a funky bag.


– As we’re coming up to winter, why not treat your mother to a lovely new pair of gloves? Whether they’re woolly and fuzzy or a buttery leather, she’s sure to appreciate them when the chilly winds start nipping at her fingertips.


– Book your mum in for a long, relaxing massage at a local spa. If you’re really flush with cash you could also throw in a facial and a pedicure for the ultimate pampering session.


– Arrange to have flowers sent to your mum. Chrysanthemums are the traditional choice for Mother’s Day, and they come in a range of beautiful Autumn colours.


– Make breakfast in bed for your mother. Rather than doing something dull, like bacon and eggs, try your hand at something more exciting. Arrange slices of fresh fruit on a platter and serve them alongside freshly made pancakes. Plonk a bowl of home-made birchir muesli in front of your mum or make eggs benedict. Don’t forget to make a fresh pot of tea or coffee to go with her meal. If you want it to be really special, place a small vase of freshly-cut flowers by her plate.


– You can’t go wrong with yummy bath products. Check out The Body Shop and Lush for a range of utterly gorgeous bath and shower products that smell good enough to eat. Crabtree and Evelyn are also a great place to shop for bathroom goodies.


– Give your mum a special treat by renting her a fancy car to drive around in for the day.  Rent a BMW or Porche and let your mum drive it around town.  You could also plan a day-trip to a special location so that mum has even more opportunities to take her new wheels for a spin.


Do you have any additional suggestions for last-minute shoppers? What was the best Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever bought for your mum?


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