Things I Love Thursday 21/4/2011

Good day on this very fine Thursday.  This morning I was having one of those days where I just didn’t know what to wear.  I had this lovely new blouse that my mother had bought for me that I planned to wear, but when I put it on, I found that it’s not a very good fit.  It’s a real shame because I thought it was really cute, and the fabric is so soft and lovely.


This is what I wound up wearing:


I am wearing:

– Grey roll-neck sweater from Target

– Brown dress pants (thrifted)

– Brown and gold heels (thrifted)

– Black bodysuit from Remember Me.

– Amethyst ring

– Gold heart bracelet.


It’s a slightly dull outfit, I admit, but I was thrown off course by that ill-fitting blouse.


This week, I love:

– Interesting job prospects.  One of my all-time favorite Melbourne stores is hirng, and I’ve put in an application.  I’m crossing my fingers very tightly for this one.  I have also applied for several really great looking jobs over the past few days, so hopefully I’ll have a bit of success with one of them.


– Jelly’s new sleeping regime.  She starts her morning by napping in one corner of the kitchen, in the sunshine.  Over the course of the day, she works her way around the kitchen in an arc, following the patch of sunlight.


-Meeting The Sandman and having a great night out with my brother.


– Ross’s sister.  It’s her birthday this week and I am missing her.  I hope she has a wonderful birthday.


– Heading home for a few days to spend Easter with my family.


– Mint green manicures


– Watching 1990’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while running through my yoga routine.


– Amazing vegetable soups.


– Impromptu poetry


– The waitress who complimented my earrings the other night.


– Printed stockings


– Easter eggs.  I’ve made up little egg baskets for my family and my housemate, and I can’t wait to give them out.


– Businessmen who listen to Katy Perry with their Ipods turned up so loud that I can hear it.


– Upsetting my Star Wars-loving mates with the revelation that I actually quite like Jar-Jar Binks.


– Slutty Leatherface.


-My brother reading me my horoscope while putting on a faux astrologers’ voice.


– All the awesome films that are on their way to the cinemas over the next few weeks.


What about you?  What are you loving this fine Thursday?

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