Things I Love Thursday 7/4/2011

I am having the shiniest, bounciest Thursday that I’ve had in quite some time.  My housemate’s birthday is today, and I’m planning a very special surprise for her.  Shhh!  Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow, but for now, I’m keeping mum.


Today I’m wearing something comfy and fun.  My mother bought me this shirt on the weekend, and I think it’s so cute:


I am wearing:

-“Party Time” kitten tee from Target

– Black and white tiger striped skirt from Target

– Purple jolly roger socks

– Black and white comic book heels from Betts

– Lego ring from Nerd Burger

– Amethyst ring

– ROCK knuckleduster ring from Factorie

– Pirate drop earrings from Diva


This week I’m loving:

– Playing trivial persuit with my whole family.


– Laughing while my mum feeds pieces of donut to my cat (don’t try this at home).


– Surprise origami mail.


– Phone calls from Ross in the middle of the day.


– Changing my mind about someone I thought was nasty, who actually turned out to be rather sweet.


– Knowing that I have a weekend of fun ahead of me.


– Homemade pumpkin masala.  I’m the queen of curry at the moment.


– Pasting pictures in my scrapbook.


– Nick Frost and Simon Pegg.  Super-duper awesome.


– Hilarious costumes.


– Josh Thomas and his dog on the Comedy Gala.


– Catching up with old friends for Japanese food or morning tea.


– Laughing at the mannequins in the hi-fi department at Myer. They’re totally naked except for headphones!


– The lovely woman who complimented my outfit in an antique store yesterday.


What about you sweet-pea?  What are you loving this fine Thursday?

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