Geek chic: Nerd burger jewellery.

A couple of weeks ago I recieved a package from my old housemate.  She knows I have a taste for strange jewellery, and that I particularly love pieces made from everyday objects.  Inside the package was an awesome yellow lego-block ring.  I was thrilled with the gift and immediately demanded to know where she had gotten it.  She directed me to Nerd burger, an etsy store run by a gorgeous geek named Caz Jennings.


The Nerd burger store is stocked with jewellery and hair accessories to appeal to the nerd in all of us.  With everything from necklaces made from Gameboy cartridges, My Little Pony hairbows, hammabead earrings and Popples rings, the store is the perfect place to shop for funky, kitcsh accessories.  I am an instant fan.


I had a little chat to Cazz, the mastermind behind this genius store, about her creations.


When did you start Nerd burger?

Only about 3 months ago.  I got married in October, and DIY’d the whole wedding.  So I got bored and just started making things.



How would you describe Nerd burger jewellery to an outsider?

Geek, retro and gamer jewellery.

Where do you draw the inspiration for your creations from?

I worked in a comic book shop for over a year so a lot stemmed from my love of comics and the people who read them.  Other influences include 80’s and 90’s fashion, vintage computer games, Japan and it’s fashion and food.



What is your favorite item in your etsy store at the moment?

Probably my Pikachu cupcake necklace.  It’s one for the fans :).  From afar it looks like a yummy cupcake with banana frosting, but up close you can see his red cheeks and kick-ass tail.

Do you have any favorite style icons or heroes?

I begun to make jewellery because I had my own look and noone else made jewellery to suit it.  I call it the Glamour Nerd look.  A bit comic nerd, with a little 80’s and 90’s fashion dropped in.


What are your hopes for Nerd burger?  Do you have any special projects coming up?

I am about to head off to Hong Kong for a month to get some bits and pieces to create some new items.  I am working on a range of Futurama items from earrings to hairbows and am hoping to do some larger pieces of Scott Pilgrim 8bit artwork.

My hopes for Nerdburger is to nerdify the entire population.  Seeing my nana wearing a Nerd Burger Fresh Prince hairbow would make my day :).


I highly recommend that you check out the Nerd Burger store on Etsy.  There’s something for everyone, whether your style is cute and funky or punky-nerd.  I promise you’ll love what you find there.


All photos are the property of Cazz Jennings.

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