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You can tell a lot about a person by the spaces they spend their time in. The objects a person chooses to keep around them speak volumes about who they are and what they value. I’m a bit of a voyeur, and I adore blog posts where bloggers let you take a sneak peek into their handbag or their bathroom closet. Today I thought I would let you guys have a snoop at my desk, where I do all of my blogging and most of my other writing work.



My desk is fairly clean and organized. I can’t work in a cluttered environment, so each morning I clear all the extraneous matter off my desk and give the whole thing a wipe down with a cloth and a little eucalyptus oil. This act helps me to focus and prepare myself when I have a lot of work to get done.



I got this desk off a friend when I first moved into my house. She got it from an op-shop in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. She adored this desk, but it was too big for her to shift when she moved out. I happily took it off her hands for $10. I love it because it’s massive, much bigger than any desk I’ve ever had, so I can spread out as much as I like. The bright blue paint and the multi-coloured dinosaur handles really liven up my room. Another thing I adore about this desk is that it has loads of drawer space. I’m a bit of a hoarder, so I need plenty of storage space. I also like to have all my stationary, pens and notebooks within arms reach when I’m working.



Here is a list of things that you will find on my desk:

Computer: I still have a desktop computer, which I use most often for blogging, writing or studying. I also have a dingy laptop, which I use at uni and when I’m travelling. My brother recently set up wireless internet in our house, which will be a godsend in winter. We only have one heater, in the loungeroom, so my room is like an igloo in the colder weather. Now that we have wireless, I can take my laptop into the lounge and camp in front of the heater. Bliss.


Lamp: This long-arm lamp was another item I scrounged off my friends when they moved away. This belonged to my mate Nick, who couldn’t be bothered packing it to move with him. I was very happy to take it. I love the way it bends in every direction, so it’s easy to direct the light where you need it.



Framed photograph: I have one photo of Ross and I on my desk. The picture was taken at my brother’s going-away party, and it’s one of my favourite pictures of the two of us because we both look so content. It’s framed in a silver frame that my mother and father gave me when I moved out of home.



Candles: I often burn scented candles while I’m working, to pep up my tired senses. I try to choose energising scents, and at the moment I’ve got three candles on my desk- one orange, one strawberry and one ginger and lemongrass. All of these candles and their glass holders are from Dusk.



Oil burner: I also occasionally use an oil burner to scent my workspace. This burner was a gift from a friend, and my favourite essential oils for my workspace are bergamot, orange, peppermint and ylang ylang.



Play doh: I have a pot of hot-pink play doh on my desk that I use as a stress ball. It’s oddly therapeutic to be able to squish something while you’re feeling mad or anxious.



Poem: This verse was given to me by my nana and pa for Christmas two years ago. It’s called “For a Dear Granddaughter”, and I like to keep it close. It will always be very special to me because it’s one of the last gifts my grandfather gave me before he died.



Paper rose: This was actually a birthday card that Ross gave me last year. When I pulled it out of the envelope, it sprang open into this 3D rose. I loved it so much that it’s sat on my desk since, even after I put all my other birthday cards away.



Glass Rose



Yorrick: Yorrick is a polystyrene skull that I bought for Halloween last year. He sits on top of my computer and minds all my sunglasses.


The Little Mermaid: This sweet little ornament was a gift from my friend Amanda. She brought if back for me from Copenhagen. She got it at Hans Christian Anderson’s cottage, because she knows how much I love his stories. Also, the film, Hans Christian Anderson, starring Danny Kaye, is one of my favourite films.


Stuffed Ralph Wiggum: Ralph is my favourite character from the Simpsons. I love his sweet, simple attitude. I can do a mean Ralph impersonation too. My mum gave this stuffed Ralph to me a while back.



So there you have it, a whirlwind tour of my workspace. Is it what you expected? What do you have on your desk?

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