Daily outfit 4/4/2011

Yesterday I had morning tea with one of my close friends from high school.  She’s one of those people that I can go a year without seeing,but when we do see each other there’s no awkwardness.  We always seem to hurl ourselves headlong into conversation and it’s like no time has passed at all.


My outfit had a distinctly peacock feel to it yesterday, with shades of green and purple, and some flamboyant accessories:


I wore:

– Purple pucci tunic (thrifted)

– Black Sass peasant skirt

– Black and silver boots (thrifted)

– Berry tights from Cotton On

– Green feathered hairpiece (handmade by me)

– Paua shell earrings (a gift from Ross’s parents)

– Black beaded ring (gift from my mother)

– Green beaded bracelet from a random hippie store in the city

– Paisley bangle (thrifted)


This top is one of my all-time favorite thrift-store finds.  When I bought it, I had intended to wear it as a dress.  Once I got it home and tried it on, I realised it was far too short for that, so I just wear it as a tunic.  I love the purple tones and the psychedelic print.


I spent ages on my hair yesterday, and I was really happy with this style.  The only problem is that I don’t remember how I created it, because I was basically making up this style as I went along.  I do this often and it sucks when I want to recreate a style later on.  It is basically a series of victory rolls pinned together to give a wave effect.  If I ever figure out how to replicate it, I’ll post a tutorial.


I also had some very peacock-esque eyeshadow yesterday:



While we were enjoying our morning tea, we came to the topic of high school reunions.  We discussed whether reunions were even really relevant in this day and age, where everyone is on Facebook and we all seem to know what our graduating class is up to anyway.   After thinking about it for a while, I’m not even sure that I would want to attend my high school reunion.  All of the people I was friends with in high school are still my friends.  I’m still in touch with all the people that I would want to spend time with.  The people I haven’t seen since high school aren’t people I was close to, and to be honest I’m not that fussed about seeing them again or finding out what they are up to.  I’m in contact with all the people I actually care about from high school, so why would I want to front up to reunite with the people who treated me like crap during my teen years?  It’s still a couple of years before my high school reunion, so I still have plenty of time to decide whether I’ll go or not, but I have the feeling I won’t be attending.


What do you think?  Would you go to your high-school reunion? Have you been to a high school reunion?  If so, how was it?

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