The Glass Rose

A couple of years ago, Ross and I were having a discussion about romantic gestures, and sweet things that our friends had done for their significant others. I remember getting a bit miffed at the fact that in all the years that we had been together, Ross had never bought me flowers. I felt a bit cheated, because a beautiful bunch of flowers is one of the most celebrated romantic gestures, and I was a bit upset that I’d never received such a gift from the man I loved.



A few weeks after that conversation, Ross presented me with this:


It’s a solid prism of glass with a rose etched into it, in such a way that the rose seems suspended inside the glass. The etching is intricate and detailed, and there is even a small butterfly perched on one of the petals.



Ross explained to me that he never bought me flowers because they curl up and die after a week. He didn’t want to give me a gift that I would only be able to enjoy for a couple of days. He wanted to symbolise our love with something beautiful and precious, with something that would last.



This glass rose won’t wither and die. It won’t shed its’ petals on the floor, or leave behind a vase-full of slimy, stinky water. It will remain pristine and beautiful forever.



I keep the glass rose on my desk, and every time I see it, I’m reminded of the beautiful message behind it. It’s one of the most romantic gifts I’ve ever received, and even after many years, I still adore the man that gave it to me.

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