Accessorizing a Little Black Dress.


The Little Black Dress or LBD has long been touted as the most versatile fashion item. It’s purported to be the end to all style woes, presenting a million and one sartorial possibilities into the closet of every woman that owns one. However, so many people seem doubtful about the versatility of the humble black dress. I’m here to tell you that a little black dress can certainly be transformed with the aid of clever accessorizing and a little creativity. I’ve got a buttload of ideas for revamping your LBD, so hold on to your hats!



The most important factor that will determine just how versatile your LBD can be is the type of black dress you own. Not all LBDs are created equal when it comes to versatility. If you want a little black dress that can be worn a million ways, it’s best to choose one in a good quality fabric, such as jersey cotton or wool, with a knee-length skirt and small sleeves. Choose one that has a modest neckline and is free of fussy buttons or details. You want your black dress to be as plain and simple as possible, so that you can use it as a blank canvas when you’re accessorizing. Make sure that the dress fits well and suits your body shape.



Once you’ve selected a dress that suits you and is relatively simple, you can dress it up or down in more ways than I can count. Here are a few suggestions for you to try out.




– Glam your dress up for evening by putting on some sparkling jewellery, a pair of satin heels and a gorgeous stole.



– Sew some cute buttons down the front of the dress. When you get tired of them, you can simply unpick them and take them off or change them for a different set of buttons.



– Add a handful of little badges to the bodice for a tough look.



– Tights and stockings are a great way to add an interesting edge to your LBD. Experiment with different colours and textures.


– Dress your LBD down by throwing a tee-shirt and adding a pair of cute sneakers.



– Sew a little lace to the inside of your skirt for a sweet look. You can also add a little lace corsage to the bodice if you’re feeling romantic.



– Brooches are perfect for glamming up your dress or giving it a bit of a vintage feel. Pin a single brooch to your collar or bodice, or add a whole cluster of brooches for an eclectic look. You can even use a brooch to hitch up one corner of your skirt.



– Mid-length skirts can be hemmed shorter if you’re bored with the length. For a more temporary option, use double-sided tape to hold the hem up for a single evening.



– Add a ribbon trim to cuffs and collars. Choose a ribbon in a contrasting colour like white, pink or green and carefully sew them on. If you get tired of them later, you can always unpick them.



– Belts are ideal for cinching your dress or adding a tough edge to a plain LBD. Pick a belt with studs for a rough and tumble look or something with a brown tone for a bohemian feel.




– Pump up the volume with a crinoline petticoat. Crinolines can be worn under any full skirt to puff them out and add movement.



– The shoes that you wear with your dress will influence the tone of your outfit. Wear heels for glamour, dress down with boots or sneakers and look sweet as a button with ballet flats.



– Try sewing a faux fur trim to the collar of your dress in winter for extra warmth.




– Use a thick ribbon or a large strip of satin as a sash. You could also tie it around your waist as an obi-style belt.



– For a gothic feel, add a corset to your dress. I have a brilliant corset belt that I wear with everything. It really defines your waistline and adds interest to otherwise boring garments. You can buy them at gothic clothing stores or online. Ebay is a great place to start.



– Pin fresh or faux flowers to the collar of your dress.



– Create interest with a brilliant hat. Use the plainness of the black dress to offset your amazing headwear. Try a simple fascinator, a top hat or a fedora for maximum impact.




– Pull a bolero, vest or cardigan over the top to add a pop of colour, cover up your shoulders and keep yourself war,.



These are just a few suggestions. There really are so many different ways that you can accessorize you LBD and make it look totally unique each time you put it on. If you choose the right dress to begin with, it will really lend itself to chopping and changing, adding and subtracting, pinning and tucking to create a new look with each wear. I would love to know if anyone else has any ideas for re-vamping an LBD. Just leave a comment!

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