How to fake amazing cheekbones.

A few weeks ago I did my housemates makeup for an event.  Afterwards, she looked in the mirror and exclaimed, “What have you done to my cheekbones?  They look incredible”.  I hadn’t given her a set of secret cheek implants, I’d just used a clever makeup trick I picked up a few years ago.  Since Sam was so taken with this look, I thought I would post a quick tutorial to show you how to do it at home.




Not many of us possess the perfectly sculpted cheekbones of a supermodel, however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t look as though you do.  Creating gorgeous cheekbones is just a matter of using some careful shading and blending.  Before we start, let me reiterate one of the most fundamental rules of makeup:  If you apply shading in a darker colour, the area will appear to recede.  If you apply shading in a light colour, the area will appear to protrude.  This little rule is the key to creating an optical illusion with your cheekbones.


This look is quite simple and easy to do, and it’s subtle enough to wear as part of your everyday makeup.


You will need:

-Powder blush in a darker tone that suits your skin colour.  I use a shade that is a little darker than my ordinary blush, in an apricot tone.  A bronzer will also work really well for this look, as long as you blend it well.

– Highlighter.  It doesn’t really matter if your highlighter is a powder or a creme.  There are loads of brilliant formulas out there.  A highlighter is basically a shiny product that adds a glow to the areas where it is applied.  If you don’t have a highlighter, check your makeup kit for a light, shimmery eyeshadow or even lipstick in a pearly-pink tone (if you have pale skin) or a soft gold tone (if you have darker or olive skin).  Make sure that whatever product you choose is easy to blend and doesn’t contain any glitter.  We want shine rather than shimmer.

– A soft, round blush brush.


-A stiff contouring brush (if using powder highlighter)


Step 1.

After you’ve applied your base, stand in front of the mirror and suck your cheeks in.  You will look a little like a fish, but try to move past that.  Find the natural contour of your cheekbones and note their placement and shape.  You always want to work with the natural contours of your face for a more believeable look.


Step 2.

Take your round blush brush and dip it into the blush.  Tap off the excess.  Start with a little bit of product and then build the colour up if you want more intensity.  Use your brush to shade underneath your cheekbone, using small, circular motions.  Be sure to blend the blush really well, so that you don’t wind up with a stripe down your cheeks.  You’re aiming for a subtle shading rather than a harsh line.  Build the colour up until you’ve reached the desired effect, but don’t go overboard.


Step 3.

Apply a little highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones using your contour brush or your fingers.  Start just above the apple of your cheek and blend up towards your hairline.  Don’t take the highlighter all the way to the hairline, and steer clear of your eyes.  Highlighter has a tendency to settle into any fine lines around your eyes.  Be sure to blend the highlighter really well for a soft, subtle glow.


That’s all there is to it!  I told you it was easy.  This is a fast, simple trick that anyone can do, which is really effective.


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