Things I Love Thursday 23/3/2011

I’ve got a lot of things to be thankful for this week.  I don’t even know how I’m going to begin to list them all, but here we go:

-Cow pants.  I got these pants at a thrift store years ago.  They cost one whole dollar.  I wore them to my year 12 exams because they were so fantastically comfy.  I decided to revive them today, after I realised that it’s been years since I wore them outside the house.

Today I’m wearing:

– Cow pants

– Queen of Everything tee shirt

– Plastic bubble ring from Surfers’ Paradise

– Amethyst ring

– Teacup earrings from Disney Couture

-Black Converse hi-top sneakers

– Pink sequinned hair bow (which is actually the bow-tie that I made for my Columbia costume)

-Assorted plastic and rubber bangles in various colours.  The large white bangle was thrifted, but the skinny bangles all came from a showbag I got when I was about five.


Now that I’ve done the obligatory outfit shot, it’s time to get back to the things I love:


– My family.  I went home for a visit last weekend and it was great.  We went out for dinner for my mum’s birthday, took an impromptu afternoon drive and watched Rockwiz together.  It was brilliant.  My mum also bought be a huge Toy Story colouring book and a bag of jelly-beans.  Sweet.


– Talisman.  Ross bought one of the Talisman board games on Ebay, and convinced myself, my housemate and her boyfriend to have a round with him.  I was very skeptical, but I’m surprised to admit that I actually quite enjoyed it.  Ross is visiting this weekend too, and I’m hoping we have a chance to play again.


– The feeling that things are starting to work out for the best.


– Jelly-cuddles


– 3rd Rock from the Sun.  I just started re-watching it from the beginning, and it’s slightly addictive.


– “We mustn’t dwell, no, not today.  We cant!  Not on Rex Manning Day!”


-Hilarious graffiti.  I normally hate graffiti, but yesterday I was on the bus and I saw a massive billboard advertisement for Picnic chocolate bars that somebody had painted “Picnic tastes like smeg” across the middle of.  It was childish and peurile, but I appreciated the Red Dwarf reference.  Plus, the billboard was really high, and I was a bit boggled as to how the graffiti artist managed to get up there.


-Seeing my gorgeous second cousin Jolene.  She’s grown so much and is so cuddly.


– Planning birthday cakes for good friends


– My new vaccuum cleaner.  It’s a sad day when you get excited over a vaccuum cleaner, but my new one is the bomb.  Our old vaccuum was ancient, and had practically no suction power.  The new vaccuum is cyclonic and bagless.  I was slightly disgusted by how much dirt (and cat hair) it pulled up from my carpet the first time I used it.


– Ross, for being brilliant at calming me down when I’m stressing out.  And for his amazing sideburns. (Seriously, have you seen Ross’s sideburns?  They’re epic!  So many guys tell me how much they envy Ross’s sideburns, and I agree that they’re awesome).

How fantastic are those sideburns?  Seriously.


OK, I think I’ve done quite enough ranting about my boyfriends’ facial hair for one week.  What do you love this very fine Thursday?

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