Shoulders: the forgotten feature

If you were to ask somebody to list their sexiest body part, it can be pretty easy to predict what their answer will be. In my experience, people seem to regard the legs, the backside and the breasts as being the most sexually attractive features, with hair and eyes occasionally scraping a mention. There’s one body part that I think is ridiculously hot, but often gets left out of the sensuality equation. That body part is shoulders. Bare shoulders are round and smooth, they roll and undulate when you walk or dance and there are few things more evocative than a coy stare over a bare shoulder. Shoulders come in all sizes and colours, and showing them off is easy. If you want to put together a look that’s sensual and alluring, but you’re shy about exposing too much bare skin, the shoulders are a good place to start. As we’re getting the last dregs of warm weather here in Australia, and the temperature is rising in other parts of the world, I thought that it was high time to explore the merits of embracing this forgotten feature.



If you want to show off your shoulders, you need to get them into top condition. If you invest just a couple of minutes each day in taking care of your upper body, you’ll be smooth and glowing in no time. Start by giving your chest and shoulders a light scrub in the shower with a rich body scrub to eliminate dead skin cells and promote circulation. This will even out the skin tone and buff away any dry skin. Once you’ve showered, apply a sweet-smelling body lotion to your shoulders and décolletage to lock in moisture and promote a healthy shine. If you’re going to be exposing your shoulders, be sure to slather them in sunscreen before you head out, to prevent sunburn, freckling and peeling.



Before you decide what to wear, it pays to give some thought to how you’re going to wear your hair. If you have long hair, put it up to show your shoulders off to the best advantage. You might like to pile all your hair on top of your head, construct an elaborate up-do or even pull your hair into a high ponytail that will bob and brush your shoulders as you move.



There are so many styles of garment available that will highlight your shoulders. The most obvious choice is a strapless dress or bustier. This will leave your shoulders completely bare and draw the eye straight to them.


For an adventurous twist, why not try some of the one-sided, Grecian-inspired tops and dresses that are available at the moment? These garments provide an unexpected glimpse of shoulder, while leaving your chest covered. Choose one in a luxe fabric like satin or silk and select a colour that flatters your skin tone.


Grecian by nessbow featuring platform shoes


Spaghetti straps or camisole-style tops are also lovely for showing off your shoulders. These are brilliant because they are really versatile, and can be work with jeans, skirts or pants and come in a wide variety of fabrics. They can be a little irritating though, as they have a tendency to slip and slide about everywhere. Unless your straps fit perfectly, you might find yourself hoiking them up all night.

If you have spectacular muscle tone, you might like to show off your arms and shoulders in a racer-back top. These will highlight your gorgeous physique to perfection. If you do choose a racer-back top or dress, be sure to select the right bra to go underneath it. A strapless bra works well, but you can also buy these handy little converter straps that pull the straps of a regular bra inwards, so they’re hidden under your racer-back top. If you don’t conceal your bra straps under a racer-back, it will spoil the effect, as the straps will obscure the view of your shoulders.




Halter-neck tops are another great option for showing off your shoulders. They cover up your chest a bit more than a strapless top and they are flattering to most body types.

70s halter.

70s halter. by nessbow featuring a blue blouse


One of the best ways to highlight your shoulders is with an off-the-shoulder top. These may be fitted so that they sit low on both shoulders or baggy and slouchy, which causes one sleeve to slip off one shoulder. For a more polished look, choose a top or dress that’s cut lower in the shoulders and is fitted in the bodice. If you want to look more casual, pick a slouchy top and pull it off one shoulder.

off-the shoulder

off-the shoulder by nessbow featuring stiletto high heels



If you do decide to highlight your shoulders, I find it’s best to keep the rest of your body pretty well covered. Don’t wear a strapless top with a micro-mini. Instead, keep the bottom half of your body covered with a pair of flattering pants, a pencil skirt or an a-line skirt. Shoulders are subtly sexy, so it’s best to keep the rest of your body a bit of a mystery if you can, so as not to undo the aura of sensuality you’ve created with your bare shoulders.


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