Daily outfit: Where’s Vanessa?

Today I’m travelling home with my brother for my Mum’s birthday.  I got this jumper about a week ago at a second-hand store and I’m in love with it.  It’s so warm and cozy.


I am wearing:

– Red and white striped hooded jumper (thrifted)

– Light wash jeans from Garfunkle

– Black Converse All Star high-tops

– Pac man earrings from Equip

– Lego block ring from Nerdburger

– Amethyst ring

– Black and white houndstooth bag (thrifted)


This jumper makes me feel like Wally (or Waldo for my American readers).  You know, that little man who likes to hide in crowded areas?  I’m totally in the mood for photo-bombing people today.

I got this handbag on the same op-shopping trip as my jumper.  I have a big blue vinyl bag that I like to use when I’m travelling, because it’s large enough to fit a whale inside.  However I’ve had that one for a while and the finish is starting to wear off.  This houndstooth bag was a fantastic find.  It has a zipper and a clasp (which I really like), nice big compartments inside, a zippered compartment for my phone and nice wide straps.  It’s also big enough to fit all my daily essentials and a book and some snacks for travelling.  Best of all, it cost just $3.  Win!


I hope you have a brilliant weekend.  Any plans?

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