Things I Love Thursday 16/3/2011

It’s been a massive week here in my corner of the universe.  I’ve been sick, gotten better, had a super long-weekend and even went to a job interview.  Here are the things that have kept a smile on my face all week long:


– Wearing socks with heels:

This was my outfit from yesterday.  I’m always trying to experiment with new looks, and I’ve seen a lot of models in magazines and mannequins in windows doing the whole ‘socks and heels combo”.  I’ve been a bit skeptical about this look in the past, but I tried it out yesterday and I think I’m hooked.  Be prepared to see a lot of socks and heels around my blog this autumn.


– The lovely lady who works at Metallicus at Doncaster.  I had a job interview on Tuesday and I popped in there to calm my nerves.  She told me I looked lovely and asked where I was off to.  When I told her I had a job interview, she beamed at me and said “Darling, you’re gorgeous, you’ll get it for sure”.  She was so sweet and I settled down after that.


– Cranium.  Seriously, it’s one of the best lazy-night-in-with-friends game ever invented.


– Finding a delicious brand of Japanese tofu at my local supermarket that costs less than $4 a pack.  Yum.


– Stray cats:

This is Vincent, a stray cat who likes to nap on top of my water heater.  He’s so cute and I just adore him.  I’d totally adopt him if I didn’t think it would send Jellylorum into an existential crisis.


— While we’re talking about my cat:

On Sunday night, I had my massage chair out and I’d put it’s carry bag on the floor.  Jelly thought that it would make an excellent tent.  She slept inside it for hours and got quite offended when I packed it up.


– Watching kid’s movies while curled up on the couch  with a cold.  I worked my way through Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, Scooby Doo and The Incredibles while I was ill.


– Super-fabulous suprise packages in the mail.


– My new owl knuckleduster ring that my Mum and Dad bought for me:


-My housemate’s new cat-feeding system.  My housemate and I both get up at different times in the morning, and whoever gets up first feeds the cat.  However, sometimes Jelly is crafty and she manages to convince the person who gets up last to give her a second breakfast.  We used to leave eachother a note when we’d fed her, but it started to get tedious, and sometimes it was difficult to remember if the note was new or old.  Sam has devised a new system.  Our whiteboard now has two pictures on it, one of sad Jelly and one of happy Jelly.  There’s a little counter with a star on it that you stick underneath the appropriate picture to show whether Jelly has been fed or not.  It’s genius.  Plus the drawings of Jelly are hilarious.


– Impromptu telephone calls from my nana.


– Ross’s impersonation of Bollo from The Mighty Boosh.


What’re you loving this week, chickadee?

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