4 little things.

I got this cute little meme from one of my friends’ Livejournal pages, and I wanted to share it with you.

4 jobs I’ve had:

– Sales assistant at a department store. I worked in a department store for four years during high school and after I graduated. I loved working there. Not only did I enjoy my job, but I was blessed with a stellar group of workmates, many of whom I am still friends with now.


– Waitress: I had a job after high school working as a waitress in a pub. This was easily the worst job I’ve ever had. It was very hard work, which I didn’t mind, but the vibe of the place was dreadful. The atmosphere was dank and dreary and there was one staff member who seemed to delight in being nasty to other people. I would come home every night reeking of chip-fat and beer. I also had no social life for about a year because when all my friends wanted to go out on Friday and Saturday nights, I would have to work.


– Avon lady: I sold Avon products for a couple of months before I went to uni. I enjoyed it, but I decided to stop because I was spending so much money on makeup and beauty products. I used to have great fun delivering packages to my clients. In particular, there was one older woman who used to buy a new nail polish every two weeks, and then she’d ask me to do her nails for her when I delivered it. I realized sometime later that she was really lonely, and she just liked having me stay for an hour every few weeks to drink coffee and paint her nails.


– Study mentor: This was a volunteer job that I had while I was at college. I had a small group of first-year students that I would meet with once a week to help them to adjust to university studies. There were some brilliant, enthusiastic students in my group and I was happy to pour loads of energy into planning the meetings, just because I could see how much they got out of it and how much they appreciated it.


4 Movies I could watch over and over.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show


The Wizard of Oz


Empire Records


Hercules Returns


4 places I’ve lived.

1. My family home in a small country town. Our house was lively, warm and full of love. It was a truly great place to grow up.


2. A college when I first moved to university. Moving to college was a great decision for me, because I made so many friends really quickly, so I didn’t have time to get homesick. I stayed at college for three years, and at the end of that time I was ready to leave. The way the place was being run was very different to when I first moved in and I didn’t like a lot of the new policies. Also, I felt really old every time a new batch of first-years moved in.


3. A ramshackle house in a Melbourne suburb. The house where I currently live is in Melbourne. It’s pretty rickety and very cold in winter. I live here with my awesome housemate and my lovely cat.


I don’t have a fourth place because I’ve only lived in three places!


4 T.V shows I love.

1. Friends: I think Friends will always be my favorite program, unless something seriously spectacular comes along to knock it off it’s perch. I love the sarcastic humour and the characters. Phoebe is my favorite


2. The Mighty Boosh: This has spawned so many running jokes between me and my mates that I can’t even begin to count them. I think that I’m like Vince Noir and Ross is like Howard Moon. Together, we kind of make one whole person.


3. The Young Ones. Classic British comedy at it’s finest. I hate to think of the person I might have grown up to be if The Young Ones hadn’t been a steady part of my diet as a teenager.


4. 3rd Rock from the Sun: watching aliens pretend to be human never ceases to crack me up. Also, Dick Soloman reminds me of my Dad, which makes me giggle.


4 places I’ve vacationed.

1. Batemans Bay: my grandparents used to live in this beach town when I was a kid, so we took a yearly trip to the coast. My brother used to refer to it as “God’s waiting room” because the town seemed to be filled with elderly retirees. It’s a lot more built up now than it was when I was a kid. I haven’t been back since I got stung by a jellyfish at the beach when I was fifteen.


2. Gold Coast. My family once spent two glorious weeks on the Gold Coast, visiting the theme parks and beaches. The highlight of my trip was flirting with a guy dressed as Shaggy from Scooby Doo at Movie World and making him really uncomfortable.


3. Sassafrass. Ross took me to this gorgeous mountain town for my birthday last year. It was exquisite. The weather was freezing and there was a pall of mist over the whole town. We stayed in a cottage and ate bread and butter pudding at an old-fashioned tea-house. It was exactly the way I always imagined a visit to Hogsmeade would be.


4. Mulwala: my family still travel to Mulwala on a regular basis for vacations. I got over it by the time I was about fourteen. It’s a nice enough place, but I hated visiting the same destination year in, year out. I would have liked a bit more variety.


4 favorite dishes.

1. Baked vanilla cheesecake


2. My grandmother’s meatloaf, with a side of crispy potatoes, green beans and gravy.


3. Fettacine boscaiola


4. Agadeshi tofu.


4 Sites I visit daily.

1. Facebook


2. Hotmail. I check my email compulsively throughout the day.


3. Bloglovin. I subscribe to all my favorite blogs through Bloglovin, which alerts you to when a blog updates and collates all the new posts for you to read.


4. My own site, to update posts, answer comments and do site maintenance.


4 Things I like to do in my spare time.

1. Yoga. It’s so relaxing and works out all the tensions of the day.


2. Karaoke. Point me towards a screen with scrolling lyrics on it and give me a microphone and I’m away. I love it.


3. Reading: few things make me happier than a doona, a cup of tea and a really great book.


4. Kissing. Seriously. Is there anything better?

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