Things I Love Thursday 9/3/2011

Today’s Things I Love Thursday will not be accompanied by the traditional outfit shot.  I’ve come down with a rather nasty cold, so I’m slobbing about the house in jeans and a jumper and no makeup.  It’s comfy and warm, but I figured you guys didn’t want to see pictures of me with a drippy nose and pillow hair.  I consider it a public service.


Despite being sick, there are plenty of things to make me smile this week, such as:

– Having an extremely successful op-shopping trip on Sunday.  I got three lovely warm jumpers for winter and a nice new handbag.


– Homemade pumkpin soup with loads of pepper.


– Going over to my brother’s new flat for dinner.  He made meatloaf.  I did the dishes.  It was awesome.


– Planning an epic costume for Supanova this year.  It’s all ready and I want to wear it every day, but I can’t.


– Surprise packages in the mail from dear friends.


– Getting into my first preference group for my Psychology project.  That’s right, I’m doing an actual psychological research project, with science and everything.


– Bunny ears and black lipstick:


– Seriously misinterpreting a scene in The Social Network and having everyone in the room laugh at me.


– Girls wearing immaculate red lipstick and brogues on the bus.


– Roald Dahl.  I can’t wait until my little cousins are old enough to appreciate his genius.


– Mint green french manicures


– Late-night naan bread deliveries.


– Daria.  It’s the perfect thing to watch when you’re not feeling well.


– Vicks Vaporub.


Now it’s your turn.  What’s making you grin maniacally this week?

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