Daily outfit: Step into my TARDIS, baby.

It’s been a jam-packed weekend in my corner of the world.  On Satuday my parents were visiting the city, and I traipsed around helping my brother to look for some chairs for his new unit.  I woke up feeling a distinct need to dress in the vein of one of my favorite characters.

I took my inspiration from the 10th incarnation of Dr Who, as portrayed by David Tenant.  As any good Dr Who fan would know, each of the different Doctors has their own general style of dressing, with a few key elements that are always present in any of their outfits.  For example, the current Doctor, who is played by Matt Smith, always wears a bow tie.  David Tenant’s Doctor (who also happens to be my favorite) is usually seen in pinstripes and Converse Hi-Top sneakers.


I am wearing:

– Black blazer (thrifted)

– Black pinstripe pants (thrifted)

– “Humpty was pushed” tee shirt from Jay Jays

– Studded belt (thrifted)

– Black Converse sneakers

– Dice earrings from Diva

This outfit was so much fun to wear.  The only drawback was that these pants are way too big for me, and they don’t have belt loops.  At Sam’s suggestion, I improvised some belt loops using large safety pins, and they worked like a dream.

While we were eating lunch, my mother pointed out to me that Lent hasn’t actually started yet.  It begins on March 8.  I felt like such an idiot after she told me that.  I’ve been resisting all those sales for nothing!  As soon as I got home, I grabbed Ross and we leapt into the car and drove to Vicious Venus on Smith Street.  This is one of my favorite stores, but their stock tends to be way out of my price range.  They are relocating to Brunswick in a few weeks, and so they have reduced a lot of their stock.  My primary reasons for visiting were to check out their shoes and also to see how much the crinoline petticoats were reduced to.  Sadly, I didn’t buy a thing because none of the shoes that I liked fit me.  Also, the crinolines would have completely shattered my budget, so I left them behind.


I did buy a few new bits and bobs on Sunday, when we made an epic trip to Savers.  I found out that students get a 20% discount at Savers on Sundays, which is great.  I got a couple of new jumpers, and a handbag for about $16.

I also bought this nifty little headchain from Sportsgirl.  It was a bit of an experimental purchase, but I’ve totally fallen in love with it.  Not only does it look sweet, but it’s great for keeping my hair in check on windy days.  It weighs my hair down so that it doesn’t blow into my face, and it’s much less cumbersome than a hat.



I’m very pleased with it.


I hope you all had a great weekend too!

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