Daily outfit 1/3/2011

Today is officially the first day of Autumn, and I am already over the cold weather.  I feel as though Summer barely wafted through my corner of the world before it was rudely swept aside by the chilly, windy Autumn.


Today I went to uni for a bit and then came home, did a quick-change and headed into the city to apply for a few jobs.


I am wearing:

– Black bodysuit from Remember Me

– Black lace dress from 7 Angels

– Black ripped tights

– Black snakeskin Nine West heels (thrifted)

– Silver bubble necklace from Wendecor

– Snake ring from Diva

– Onyx ring

– Amethyst ring.

When I’m wearing all black, I like to break up the monotony of the single colour with texture.  I’ll add a splash of lace, leather, velvet or wool to give the outfit a bit of interest.

I changed out of my ripped tights and into a pair of ribbed stockings before I went on my job-hunt.  If you’ve ever seen a film where the protagonist loses their job, then experiences a job-hunting montage where they don a power-suit, circle want ads in red ink and pound the pavement for an afternoon before they land their dream job, then I am here to tell you that this is utter bollocks.  Job hunting is nothing like this.  I’ve spent the past two weeks searching careers websites, reading the want ads in newspapers, polishing my resume, filling out online applications and applying for jobs online.  I’m not complaining, but I feel that it’s my duty to warn you of the reality of job-hunting, lest you believe that all you need to land the perfect job is a snappy suit and a peppy 80’s soundtrack.


One thing that I’ve noticed during my job-hunt has been the dreadful presentation of some well-known companies.  There was one clothing store whose website was so freakin’ hard to navigate that I gave up trying to find the application forms.  Their site had obviously been designed with aesthetics in mind.  It took several minutes to load and opened on an image of a fashionably-dressed model posing on the screen.  The buttons for the other pages were hidden in the scene behind her, so if you wanted to find the ‘careers’ button, you had to go on a treasure hunt.  When you finally locate the blessed button, one click takes you not to the job listings, but to their online store.  When you click on the tiny ‘careers’ button that is ferreted away at the bottom of the screen, it whisks you back to the homepage. It was utterly infuriating, and I gave up after four attempts.


On another occasion, I was filling out an online multiple-choice application form, and I was horrified by the number of spelling and grammatical errors that were peppered about the page.  Surely you would have somebody edit this document, which will be seen by hundreds of prospective employees, so that it reflects the professionalism and sophistication of your company?  Apparently not.


Today was great though.  I treated myself to lunch at my favorite Japanese restaurant, I watched some gambolling puppies in the pet store window and I tried out some new foundation at Gorgeous Cosmetics.  All in all, it was a pretty good day.

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