Things I Love Thursday 24/2/2011

Happy Thursday!  Yes, I’m aware that Thursday isn’t officially a holiday, but I figure that Tilt makes it worthy of a hearty greeting.  It’s time to dish up a great big helping of appreciation and gratitude.  Let’s do it!


This week I love:

– Celebrating my brother’s 21st birthday.  My little brother turned twenty-one just the other day, and I’ve been at home celebrating with him.  It’s terrifying to think that he’s that old, particularly when I still remember vividly when he was a baby.


– My Mum sending me back to Melbourne with a pile of delicious food.  I’ve got lasagne, I’ve got sausages, I’ve got birthday cake.  I’m set for the week.


– Being The Registry’s featured blogger!  It was the first time I’ve ever been interviewed, and it was very exciting.  You can check out the full interview here.


– Watching Black Books with my Mum.


– Checking out an episode of Mythbusters where they address a bunch of claims by moon-landing conspiracy theorists.  I don’t believe that the moon landing was a hoax, but I’ve always been a bit curious about some of the evidence that conspiracy theorists present as proof that the Apollo 17 mission never reached the moon.  It was nice to see them disproved by science.


– My ‘House Battle” tee shirt that Ross bought me from Threadless.  I’ve had this tee shirt for months now, but I still haven’t posted a picture of it:

It features the four Hogwarts house mascots, and I love it.


– Putting together my first audio book and fanzine.  I’ve wanted to release a fanzine or podcast for ages now, and I am so proud of the work I’ve produced.  You can buy my Guide To Second-Hand Shopping as a fanzine from my etsy store or as an audio recording by clicking the button on the sidebar.  The audio recording is only $5!  What a bargain!


– Having a stack of new books to read.


– Matt Smith as Dr Who.  I don’t like him quite as much as I love David Tenant, but he’s a perfectly acceptable Doctor to me.


– Smooth trips home on the train.


– Making a huge batch of palak paneer for me and my housemate.  It was delicious.


– Waking up with Jelly sitting on my chest, waiting to be fed.


What about you sweet-thing?  What are you loving this week?

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