Red lip + nude face makeup tutorial

A lot of women tend to be under the impression that red lipstick is over the top. Red lippy has really gotten a bit of a bum rap for being bright and garish. However, it is possible to wear a red lip without looking like a hooker. When I wear my red lipstick, I like to keep the rest of my face looking perfectly polished. In order to do this, I carefully apply the rest of my makeup in nude tones to give the impression that I have glowing, perfect skin and immaculate bone structure. You need to be careful to apply your makeup with a soft touch to precisely the right areas of your face, in order to reflect the light and create shadows where you want them. This look is perfect for wearing with vintage ensembles, or for anyone who wants to wear a red lip without looking like a clown.


Step 1.

Start with clean, moisturized skin. Apply a primer to your entire face. This will help your makeup to go on smoothly and stay in place all day.


Step 2.

Apply a liquid foundation to your entire face using a foundation brush. You can use your fingers if you don’t have a brush, but I recommend investing in a good foundation brush, because it will give you a lot more control over the product when you’re applying your base. Make sure that your foundation is well blended, with no streaks or patches.

Step 3

Use your ring finger to apply a light-reflecting concealer underneath your eyes to cover any dark circles. You should also apply a little concealer to any blemishes you might have. Be sure to blend the concealer well, so that there is no obvious edge between the concealer and your skin.

Step 4.

Use a big, fluffy brush to pat translucent powder over your entire face. This will set your foundation and help control shine.

Step 5

Apply your red lipstick to your lips. You can apply with a lip brush, or straight from the tube. Blot your lips with a tissue to remove any excess, and then apply a second coat for a more intense colour that will last longer.

Step 6.

Using a lipliner pencil that matches your lipstick, carefully trace around your natural lip line. Don’t go outside the natural line of your lips. When you’re lining your bottom lip, don’t apply the lip liner all the way to the outer edges, or you might wind up looking like the Joker. Instead, taper the line so that it ends just shy of the outer corners of your lower lip.

Step 7.

Apply a peachy coloured blusher underneath your cheekbone. This will create a shadow, and define your cheekbones. Use a fluffy blush brush to apply and make sure that the blush is well blended.

Step 8

Choose a shimmery white powder and apply it along the top of your cheekbones with a stiff brush. This will highlight the top of your cheeks, and combined with the dark shadow underneath, will give the impression of super-high cheekbones. Make sure the powder is well blended so that you don’t have an obvious white streak along your cheekbone.

Step 9.

Draw a very fine line along your upper lashes using a black eyeliner pencil. Choose a pencil that’s quite soft and smudgy, so that it will blend well with your eyeshadow and won’t leave a harsh line.

Step 10.

Use a round eyeshadow brush to apply a nude eyeshadow to your entire eyelid. I chose a shade with a slight hint of peach in it, but you might want to try experimenting with a more brown or pink shade. This eyeshadow will camouflage the veins on your eyelid and make them look porcelain smooth. Use your brush to blend the shadow right into the lashline, over the eyeliner, to soften the line you drew earlier.

Step 11

Carefully apply a single light coat of mascara to your top lashes only. When I wear this look, I use an aubergine-coloured mascara, as it looks a bit more natural than black and highlights the colour of my eyes. You can use black or brown mascara if you prefer. I would probably save the black mascara for evening, but you can wear it during the day for a more dramatic look.

Step 12

Use an eyebrow comb to groom your eyebrows into place.

There you are, all finished and polished. See, red lipstick can look glamorous and sophisticated, as long as you apply the rest of your makeup carefully and sparingly.


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