Rocky Horror style

Ever since last Friday night, I’ve been in a real Rocky-Horror mindset. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack non-stop and dancing the Time Warp while I make my morning tea. I started thinking about some Rocky Horror outfits as well. I’ve put together a few ideas for anyone who wants to dress in the Rocky Horror vein. These outfits are based on each of the main characters, but they aren’t intended to be costumes. These are really more for those of you who want to inject a little decadence into your everyday ensembles. They might be a little racier than the stuff you normally wear, but that’s the fun of dressing with a Rocky Horror theme. It’s meant to look a bit wacky and over the top. Gather your courage and your garter belt and let’s get started.



The film’s namesake is a tricky one to emulate in real life, given that he wears nothing but a pair of gold hotpants for the majority of the film. To translate this look into an everyday context, team a pair of fabulous shorts with a figure-hugging top. Add some fancy sneakers and gold blingin’ jewellery and you’re good to go. Rocky’s look is very flamboyant, and it certainly isn’t for the faint hearted. You want to look like a perfectly oiled sex machine. It’s a little bit Flash Gordon and a little bit disco.


Columbia is my favourite character from the film (as you can probably tell). I love her quirky style and zany personality. There is also something a bit cute and peppy about her. To capture Columbia’s fun style, attire yourself in something sparkly and bright. Wear a pair of cute ankle socks with mary janes. Throw on some ripped tights and a tiny top-hat. Alternatively, you could wear a pair of sequinned Micky Mouse ears. Make sure that your eye makeup is dramatic, with a sexy cats’ eye flick.


Janet’s look is probably the easiest to translate into a more wearable form. She favours sweet, classic clothes, with a prim twist. Channel Janet by slipping into a smart twin-set suit in a pastel colour. Add a hat and nude stockings for a touch of Stepford style. Keep your makeup tidy and natural and your jewellery minimal. Don’t for get to wear a slip and matching bra under your ensemble.




Brad’s look is a more masculine conservative look. Pair a tee shirt and tweed pants with oxford brogues and suspenders. Add a tartan bow-tie and thick glasses. Slick your hair down tight and plaster a disapproving look onto your face for extra points.





Frank N Furter

Frank’s look is the most fabulously camp and sexy of all. No matter what you wear on top, make sure that you always have some fantastic black lingerie on underneath. Wear a tight skirt with a tailored blouse, and throw a leather jacket on top. When choosing your blouse, select one that has tough hardware fastenings or corset lacings, rather than just plain buttons. Add a pair of skyscraper heels and beautiful silk stockings. Paint your lips red and fasten a string of pearls around your neck.. This look is very, very overtly sexy but it’s great fun. Ultimately, all Frank wants is to have a good time so don’t take yourself too seriously if you decide to imitate his style.

Riff Raff

When emulating Riff, you need to look rather dishevelled and weird. Choose garments that are ripped and torn, but look as though they might once have been rather nice clothes. Leave your hair uncombed and wear a pair of fingerless gloves. Keep your eye makeup dark and smudgy.




Eddie is tough and rebellious. Wear a pair of well-fitting jeans with a black tee shirt. Throw on a leather jacket with customized embellishments. Your shoes should be flat and comfortable, so motorcycle boots or sneakers fit the bill. Any jewellery you choose should be chunky and silver, with perhaps a couple of leopard print accents.






Choose a dress made of black lace, with a full skirt and a plunging neckline. Add ripped tights and a pair of black ankle boots. Wear dark eyeliner and vampish lipstick. This look works well for curly-haired lasses. Give your hair a fluff and then let it do whatever it wants. Paint your nails a rich, dark red.



Who is your favourite Rocky Horror character? Would you dress like them?


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