Things I love Thursday 9/2/2011

Ah, Thursday.  I look forward to the fourth day of the week rolling around, because TILT always puts me in a great mood.  Let’s start with an outfit though:


I am wearing:

– Pucci print pink and white bandau top from Target

– Pink pencil skirt from Supre

– Pink bow heels from WIlliams

– Amethyst ring

– Gold butterfly ring

– White resin bangle (thrifted)

– Pink batik scarf (thrfited)


This week, I’m loving:

– The lasagne I made last night.  I’ve never cooked lasagne before, because I always expected it to be hard.  It wasn’t too difficult, more fiddly than anything else, because you have to prepare all the fillings before you can start layering them.  I used a vegetarian recipe so that my housemate and I could both eat it, and it was pretty darn tasty.


– Getting ready to unveil top-secret projects.


– My gorgeous friend Liz who gave me a brilliant gift this week.  More about that in a couple of days though.


– “Yes, I think you should wash your beard, then cut it off, staple it to a frisbee and fling it over a rainbow”- Bernard Black.


– Singing the Monkey theme music in the car with Ross.


– Ross letting me sleep in his bed and play with his laptop.  He also left me at home to relax when we returned from Canberra, and went out and got pumpkin and pinenut pizza for dinner which is my favorite.  We then ate it while watching Dr Who and drinking Pepsi Max.  What a brilliant guy.


– My 1920’s hairdo from earlier in the week.  Not only did it look great, but it was practically indestructible.  It lasted overnight, through yoga, a walk in the wind and several changes of clothes.  I probably could have made it last even longer if I wanted to.


– Combing out my pin-curls this morning and winding up with a Veronica Lake style peek-a-boo bang:


I feel a little bit like Jessica Rabbit.


– The little girl who yelled out “I like your shoes!”  as I walked past the schoolyard at lunchtime.


– Stealing things from hotel rooms.  Well, not stealing per se, just stocking up on all the complimentary teabags and shampoos.  I’ve been watching too much Friends methinks.  At least I didn’t steal any salt.


– This conversation I had with my mother the other day:

Mum: “Our holiday is going well.  Today a man came to the apartment and gave Nana a massage”

Me: “Oh, that would have been really nice for her”.

Mum:  (Long pause)  “I rang up and booked an appointment and told him to come over, he wasn’t just some stranger that offered to massage Nan”.

Not for one minute did I think that some random guy had come to my Nana’s door and said “Hi, can I please give you a massage?” and my Nana would have been silly enough to reply “Oh, yes please, I’ll just jump up on your table”.  I do love that my mum felt the need to clarify this for me though.


– Tinted moisturizer.  It looks so much lighter and healthier than foundation and gives my skin a nice summer glow.


– Bergamot oil in an oil burner on my desk while I type.


– Stephen Fry.  Seriously, is there anything that man doesn’t know?


– Spring cleaning


– Getting ready for a very special event tomorrow night.


– Holding Ross’s hand while we’re driving in the car.


I hope you’ve all had a great week too.  What are you loving this fine Thursday?

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