Hello Canberra, goodbye Canberra!

Last weekend, Ross and I headed off on an epic road trip to Canberra. Ross had bought a huge collection of comics off ebay that were pickup only, so he asked me if I wanted to come with him for an adventure. I jumped at the chance to spend the weekend chilling out and driving about with my favourite man.



It was weekend full of travelling for me. On Friday I travelled by train to Ross’s place, several hours away. Then we spent the best part of Saturday driving. Saturday night we stayed in a hotel in Canberra only to start driving again early on Sunday morning. I spent last night at Ross’s place and then this morning I hoofed it back to Melbourne. Phew! It was pretty exhausting, but we saw a lot of interesting and beautiful things. Sadly, I didn’t really get any photos because I forgot to recharge my camera. Doh! I will always remember our trip, but I feel a bit gypped that I can’t share any pictures with you.



Here are some highlights from our trip:

– visiting Ross’s sister and her partner for an evening of home-made chicken korma, Poirot and Wii madness.


– Picking up an epic load of Judge Dredd comics from a lovely collector and his adorable 3-year-old son.


– Singing the Monkey theme song over and over in the car, substituting the name of whatever place we happened to be driving through at the time.


– Borrowing a massive book about vintage hairstyling from Ross’s sister. Expect tutorials soon!


– Feeding some terrifying swans and their cute signets.


– Seeing a couple taking pictures of their real-live dogs with the Dog on The Tuckerbox at Gundagai.


– Visiting my dad and Ross’s parents on the way through our hometown.


– Delicious bircher muesli for breakfast.


– Stealing all the soaps, shampoos and writing pads from the hotel.


– Giggling at the names of all the porno films available in our hotel room.


– Driving past Cockington Green, a miniature village that I used to visit all the time as a little girl. We would have stopped for a visit, but there really wasn’t time.


– Being able to see Parliament House from our hotel balcony.


– Pumpkin and pine-nut pizza.


A couple of not-so-great things happened while we were away, including:

– Nearly having the car rammed by some jerk-off in a sports car, who then had the table next to us at brunch.


– Finding out that the hotel charges $22 for a continental breakfast, which is essentially cereal, toast and juice. I resent paying that much for something I would easily make for myself at home. We skipped out on breakfast at the hotel and found this great café, that had a brilliant menu and chilled live music.


– Me being tired as all-get-out after all the driving, and stumbling through the supermarket on an ice-cream mission. I’m pretty sure that all the people in the store thought I was drunk.


– Not having more time to see the sights and visit other friends of mine who live in Canberra.


– Not being able to take any pictures (that’s my fault for not charging my camera).


I think that we’ll probably plan another trip to Canberra in the near future. If any of you guys live in Canberra, or have visited recently, what sort of things should we go and see?

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