Daily outfit: 1920’s hair

I mentioned yesterday that Ross’s sister loaned me a gorgeous book about vintage hairstyling.  Well, I’ve spent the last couple of days poring over it, and last night I set my hair into pincurls in preparation for today’s hair-do.  I had trouble choosing which style to try first.  The book has styles from the 1920’s right through to the 1960’s.  As I normally wear my hair in 1950’s and 60’s styles, I decided to try something completely different.  Today’s ‘do was inspired by the 1920’s silent films and flapper looks.  I paired my hairstyle with a classic outfit, because I don’t really own anything that screams “1920’s”.


I am wearing:

– Brown and white polka-dot shirt from Temt

– Black dress pants  from Target

– Nude Tony Bianco heels (thrifted)

– Amethyst ring

– Rose quartz ring

– Silver cross necklace.

Last night, I set my hair in rows of pincurls that alternated direction, so that when I took the pins out, the curls flow together and interlock into a wave.  I gave myself a deep side part and curled the front of my hair separately, so that I could comb it into finger waves later.  Then I pinned the curls so that they lay quite flat around the outside of my head in a curl fluff.  I added a few dry pincurls to the side for decoration.



From the side, you can see the pincurls and the curl fluff.  I kept the hair at the crown of my head smooth, for a flatter silhouette, which was popular in the 1920’s.  The way I wound the pincurls also meant that there was a slight wave ridge along my scalp, which is really cool.


I’ve got a little finger wave across my forehead.




I’m pretty chuffed with the overall look.  I love having long hair because it’s so versatile, and I can pin it up to make it look short if I want to.  In the book, this hairstyle was done on a model with very short hair, and I was pleased that I was able to adapt it to suit my hair.  I do want to play around with it a bit more, to try and add some more pomade to make the curls lie flatter and look more smooth.


What do you think of my new do?

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