Things I Love Thursday 2/2/2011

It’s Thursday!  Hooray!  Time to shout about all the brillo-pants things that are going on, and all the stuff I’m grateful for this week.


This week I love:

– Neon-pink nail polish


– Cross-country road trip planning.  Ross and I are headed away on an epic road trip this weekend, and I’m very, very excited for it.


– Aqua.  I dug out my copy of Aquarium that I’ve had since I was 11 and gave it a spin this week.  It’s brilliant.  OK, so they’re not the best band in the world, but all I need to do when I’m in a bad mood is put Dr Jones on at top volume and bounce around for a bit, and I’m all good.


– Getting things organized.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a couple of nasty things hanging over my head that are finally resolved and taken care of, so I feel as though I can breathe a lot more easily.


– Our to-do list.  My housemate and I have a whiteboard that we write our to-do list on.  However, things have been getting a little silly with it.  A few weeks ago, it was filled with Shaun of the Dead references, and this week, well, it’s quite easy to tell that we’ve been watching a lot of Harry Potter films:


– writing like a fiend.


– Ross, for being such a brilliant guy always, but this week he’s been especially supportive.


– Super vigorous massages


– Sam, for taking me out for pancakes during the week, and being really helpful with house-cleaning stuff.


– My new leopard print beanie.  I saw this months ago, but I couldn’t really afford it at the time.  Yesterday, I went into the store and it was down to 5 bucks!  Score!



– Kinky Boots.


– Apple-raspberry cordial.


– Quoting The Mighty Boosh incessantly.


– Drag queen makeup


– Spring cleaning


– All the brilliant people who placed bids in the Nuffnang Queensland Flood Appeal auction.


What about you gorgeous?  What are you giggling over this week?

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