Daily outfti 31/1/2011

It’s been scorching hot in Melbourne the past few days.  I woke up this morning in a lather of sweat, because it really didn’t cool down much overnight.  At the moment I’m sitting at my desk typing while a fresh breeze wafts across my back.  It feels so lovely and refreshing.  I don’t mind the hot weather, but it is nice when the temperature starts to drop a little after a few steamy days.


I am wearing:

– Green and white sundress (Target)

– Tony Bianco nude heels (thrifted)

– Green and white polka dot headscarf (thrifted)

– Amethyst ring

– Teardrop pearl necklace.

– Wizard of Oz watch


There are a couple of new additions to my wardrobe in today’s outfit.  The green dress that I’m wearing has been languishing at my parent’s house for a few years now.  I always kept it there as an emergency dress, in case I got invited out to dinner and I needed something slightly fancy to wear.  It’s from Target originally, but I made a couple of alterations to it.  I put a stitch in the front of the bodice to hold it closed, because it used to gape open and show a lot more cleavage than I was happy with.  It used to have spaghetti straps, but they were always sliding off my shoulders, so I made it into a halter neck.


My shoes are also new.  These were one of the pairs that I got on my op-shopping trip last weekend.  They’re Tony Bianco, have hardly been worn and they fit perfectly.  Also, they were only $10.  I was very pleased with them.  They aren’t terribly comfortable, but they are lovely, so I don’t mind too much.


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